Thank You

Thank You

We have been so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to help us during these last 8 months (and throughout the pregnancy). I’ve tried to stay up on our thank you notes, but here is our big list.

Thank you for…

  • the meals.
  • the baby-holding.
  • the amazing toys, blankets, gear, etc. to make it possible to survive (and thrive) with two babies at once.
  • the clothes (both maternity and for babies).
  • coming over to visit, because I couldn’t leave the house and needed to see friends and family.
  • supporting our decision to raise our babies in the Jewish faith.
  • liking our Facebook messages, blog posts, Instagram pictures, Twitter tweets, etc. Even that simple “like” is so fantastic to see!
  • following us on Facebook, this blog, Instagram, Twitter…
  • letting us know that it’s ok that every single post is baby-related and that you love seeing and hearing about the twins.
  • asking questions about raising or having twins. I really do like to “teach.”
  • telling us that we are doing a great job and our children are beautiful. We think so too, but we like hearing other people say it!
  • being there to let us vent a little (raising twins is hard).
  • the gift cards. Shopping at Target, Babies R Us, and Amazon happen at least once a week.
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