8 Months Old!

Audrey and David 8 Months

It is incredible to see the changes that have happened between last month’s update and this month. We have two strong sitters (although David still likes to throw his head back sometimes), a constant crawler, and a new fear of electric motors. We also are having better sleeping habits at night and more adventures in eating solid food! Our little people are growing so much every day, and we love them so much!

Audrey Sitting 8 Months

Audrey 8 Months

Things We Love About Audrey

  • how all of a sudden, she had her second teeth, after just two days of being slightly more cuddly and humming (July 3)
  • the progression of crawling: sit-and-scoot –> sitting-to-lunge forward (and repeat) –> crawling on knees while holding onto our hands –> crawling with breaks to sit up again
  • her constant laughing and shrieks of pleasure
  • sticking out her tongue, sucking on her lips, and humming while working on cutting her 3rd tooth
  • how wide she opens her mouth to eat
  • continually pumping her arms and hitting herself, amidst a fit of giggles
  • how she can pull herself up in her crib, in the playroom, on an adult
  • how instead of using the baby sign language sign for “more” she likes to pound her hand on the table, demanding more (like her brother)
  • her love of Toby and Lucy, and her need to pet them
  • the way she sits up in bed, waiting for us to come get her
  • the way she loves to babble “da da da da da” even if she doesn’t quite mean “daddy” yet!

David Sitting 8 Months


David 8 Months

Things We Love About David

  • that David is still working on getting his first two teeth at once (any day now)
  • his strength in sitting
  • how he can move around by going from tummy to back to tummy (and the get anywhere he wants to go)
  • his preference for cuddling instead of sitting or lying by himself
  • his fascination with his reflection in the mirror
  • his hourly gurgles (due to excess saliva while teething)
  • the way he keeps wanting to eat solid food and demands more
  • how instead of using the baby sign language sign for “more” he likes to pound his hand on the table, demanding more
  • although he spits up frequently, he does so happily
  • how he has become wary of motors, especially the vacuum and blender



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