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Schedules. I have talked and talked and talked about them until I was blue in the face. I have lamented over the lack of schedules, I have driven myself crazy with trying to implement the 2-3-4 schedule, and I even shared our experiences on the How Do You Do It? blog.

I can tell you, however, that I have finally won the schedule lottery. It took patience, flexibility, and patience, but at 7 months old, we have a really good daily schedule. I can now plan my day around it (within reason due to nap issues or traveling).

7 AM Wake up and quiet time in crib
7:30 Nurse
7:45 Change clothes, diapers, go to playroom for playtime (jumper and exersaucer/floor time)
9:00 Naps in MamaRoos in their nursery (to give them the best and longest nap possible)
10:30 Wakeup and feed solid food
11:00 Playtime
11:30 Nurse
11:45 Playtime
12:30 PM Nap in MamaRoo
2:00 Playtime
3:30 Nurse
3:45 Playtime
4:30 Possible short cat nap
5:30 Feed solid food with Daddy (mix food with rice cereal)
5:50 Playtime with Daddy
6:30 Baths
7:00 Nurse, read a book, lights out

Then we usually have the overnight feedings and diaper changes. Sometimes we wake them up to feed between 10-11 PM:
10-11PM Feed formula (lately 8 oz)
2 AM nursing
5-6 AM nursing

Lately, we haven’t woken them up, and they sleep until 1 or 2 AM, when we feed them. After that, they usually sleep another 4-5 hours.

The best thing about this schedule is that I can predict when we can do activities. In the morning, we stay at home because of their tight schedule with their wakeup and nap. If we are going to do any traveling that day (like the hour trip to Charlottesville), we wait and leave when they start their 9 AM nap (to sleep in the car). In the afternoons, if I have someone that wants to come and visit, they can come at 2 PM, when the babies will be awake and happy, and they won’t need to eat until 3:30. In the late afternoons around 4:30 or 5, I can be flexible and give the babies another short nap if it is needed. Often, we will run out after the 3:30 feeding, and they will sleep in the car for 10-15 minutes. That usually helps them last until bedtime.


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  1. Hooray!! Glad you got a schedule that works for you. Having a schedule definitely helps keep your (and the babies’), sanity!

  2. Question…why do you give them formula instead of nursing for the 10/11 feeding? I’m planning on EBFing and just wondering from a soon to be new mom want to know everything perspective 🙂

    • That’s an awesome question! I was able to EBF the twins for basically the first full 5 months. Then, I got an awful illness, couldn’t eat, and I lost a ton of weight (all of the very few calories I could eat went directly towards milk for the twins). It took me a while to bounce back, so we started supplementing one feeding a day with formula (as our pediatrician said it was ok, especially since they needed the extra calories). Both Audrey and David are on the smaller end of the curve (nothing to worry about, but something to always keep in mind), so our doctor was actually happy that we were giving them a little boost in calories with that one formula feeding.

      We kept that up for a while, but once my milk supply (and weight) bounced back, we stopped giving the formula. Sleeping got worse (whether it was the formula or the age, we don’t know). Every now and then we would give them formula (if we were out and about and I couldn’t nurse them easily or if I wasn’t feeling full), and we noticed that they weren’t happy with sometimes getting formula and sometimes not getting it. It was too hard on their stomachs. We realized that if we kept giving them formula (even just a little bit) every day or every other day, it was much easier on their digestive systems. Then, we realized that, by giving it to them at a later feeding, it would help keep them fuller longer at night. Yay for more sleep!

      Before our 6 month appointment (which was really at about 6 months 3 weeks), we knew that we needed them to keep eating throughout the night because of their weight. At that appointment, however, we got the OK from the doctor to try to get them to sleep through the night, as the extra calories weren’t needed.

      I will say, though, that this is what has worked for us. I’m not saying that it is perfect for everyone. Would I have loved to EBF completely until they were 12 months? Sure… if they would also gain the weight they needed and sleep more at night. We did what we needed to at the time. If I have learned one thing in motherhood, it’s to be flexible in my expectations and be ok with not doing things that way I originally planned. My babies are still getting the nutrients and benefits from my milk, but I am also giving them what they need (extra calories and sleep)!

      Thank you so much for asking that question!!! Sorry the response turned into such a novel! 🙂

  3. Yay for schedules!! My daughter is 6 months old and we have the night time routine down, however the rest of the day is kind of a free for all. The # of bottles, solid food feeding and naps are consistent, but the time at which they occur is pretty different each day. I’m so impressed you’ve got a schedule down … especially given you have two babies 🙂

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