The B Word (Bored)

The B Word (Bored)

Growing up, I was never able to say that I was “bored.” That word was as bad as any curse word we could have uttered. So, since I was never allowed to say it, I also didn’t experience it. I kept myself busy, even with no siblings close to my age (my older brother is 14 years older and my younger brother is 10 years younger). Maybe that is why even now with 2 seven-month-old babies, I still keep myself busy with this blog, my writing at How Do You Do It? and The Wise Baby, and my craft business Personally Yours by Dory.

If your children dare to say the B word, have them find something to do. Make a list of things you want to do this summer (be it day trips, craft projects, or cooking projects). Teach them some sign language. Have them “read” a book to you. Just don’t let them say that they are bored. Treat it as a bad word. If they can’t use it, they can’t feel it.

And if you live in central Virginia, here is a great list of things that you can do and visit to prevent the B word:

  • berry picking
  • apple/peach picking (Carter’s Mountain)
  • Presidential homes (Monticello, Montpelier, Mount Vernon, Ash Lawn-Highland)
  • Maymont Park and Zoo
  • Children’s Museum
  • Science Museum
  • IMAX
  • water parks
  • splash pad
  • go carts
  • bowling
  • laser tag
  • ice skating
  • Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (Butterflies Alive)
  • Metro Richmond Zoo
  • Treetop Zoofari
  • Peak Experiences
  • indoor bounce parks (inflatable or trampoline)
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (make a scavenger hunt with the art)
  • Hollywood Cemetery
  • Belle Isle
  • James River
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • Jamestown
  • King’s Dominion
  • Water Country USA
  • Busch Gardens
  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • paint your own pottery
  • play gym open hours (Romp N Roll or Little Gym)
  • free story time at library or bookstore
  • mini golf

In looking at all of the places we could visit, I found this great website: . Enjoy!

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  1. Agree 100%!! “Bored” was a bad word when I was growing up, too. If we ever uttered it, it was followed with a quick retort from my mom, “I’ll give you something to do!” And trust me, you did NOT want to do whatever she had in mind! Great list of suggested things to do to squelch the B word 🙂

  2. My hubby and I were just discussing this! With his crazy work schedule and the insane heat in the southwest desert we have time together at weird hours. Lately we’ve been bored (ah I know!). It’s too hot outside, we’re low on funds, my due date is in 2 weeks, and bored keeps getting thrown around.

    We did start a list for when we (hopefully) move back to Oregon later this year. It’s got a lot similar items on it (zoo, botanical gardens, science museum). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great list. Getting bored is never a good thing. You need to do new and fresh things so that life can be beautiful again. Don’t ever get bored. It’s not nice!

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