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With two babies that were likely to start teething at any point (cue the drool, fussiness, sucking, gnawing, and general unhappiness), we knew that we needed an arsenal of supplies to get us through it. We decided to get basically one of every kind of teething device, and if both babies were stuck on the sane item, we would get a second.*

*This is what we have found to be “best practice” with twins.


What We Got:

Sophie the Giraffe

We were given two Sophies as a present from a dear family friend before the babies were born, and I was excited to have them. I wondered, however, what the big fuss was. I started introducing them to the babies when they were about 1 month old, and they had absolutely no interest in Sophie. I kept at it, and at about 4 months, David started grabbing for Sophie. Then, shortly after that, Sophie’s leg went into his mouth. Then the face followed. Now, both babies are attached to Sophies, and we never can leave her behind. I don’t know why babies love them so much, but she is addictive to them. And she is so cute!

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

We did a review of the baltic amber necklaces a few weeks ago, and since then, we have become more comfortable with the twins wearing the necklaces throughout the day. We have really seen a difference in the drool and discomfort when they are worn vs when we forget to put them on. If you can get over the fact that they are worn around the neck, then they are a great choice!

Chew Beads

Chew Beads are for moms to wear, but I found that I couldn’t wear them when nursing, because both Audrey and David wanted to play with the necklace instead of eat. I do keep the necklace around the playroom, and it is one of their favorite “toys” to chew on when they are sitting in their jumpers. We got the aqua necklace with 3 flat beveled pieces. Do yourself a favor and get this one (in whatever color you want). Sometimes they like to chew on the round beads, and sometimes they like to chew on the flatter pieces. I like that we have that option.

Punkin Butt Teething Oil


This is a natural version of Baby Orajel. I like that we can use it all the time, and it won’t harm the babies. I first introduced this to the David and Audrey long before they needed it so that they would get used to the taste and to see if there were any allergies. David hated the taste at first (it would make him gag and spit up). Then, on a day when he was in a lot of teething pain, I rubbed it on his gums, and he continued crying for a moment until it took effect. Then, he suddenly stopped crying and was much happier. No spit up, no odd face. He realized he didn’t feel the pain anymore. I then gave him the Chew Beads and he was much happier. You can’t beat the price at about $4 a bottle.

Comotomo Silicone Teether

This was an instant hit. Audrey put it around her wrist (she loves to wear bracelets) and chewed on the handle. David put the prongs in his mouth. Audrey then put two prongs in her mouth and chewed where her molars will be. Yes, instant hit.

Green Sprouts Ring Cool Soothing Teether

This is supposed to be put in the freezer to help soothe gums, but only Audrey can take it cold. Still, she would rather put in around her wrist as a bracelet. David much prefers it at room temperature. One of the problems is that the entire ring gets cold, including the part that they hold. Eventually, we may get a freezer teether that has a handle that doesn’t get as cold. I like that each of the rings has a different texture for different needs.

Natursutten Teether Toy

This was the one that I was unsure about. At our local store, it cost $15, and that seemed a little too high for us, but I went with my gut. I loved the texture of the rubber, and it turns out that both babies love it too. David will pull it out to make little popping noises and pick different textured sides to chew on. Audrey still tries to put it on her wrist while chewing on it.

Nuby Chewbies Silicone Teether

This is a great next step after a pacifier. David will pull it in and out and turn it around to each of the different sides. There are sides for the front teeth and sides for the back, so this will grow as the teeth break through all over the mouth. Some are softer and some are a harder plastic, which are great for the different stages of teething as well.

Wristy Buddy

We were given these for a review a couple of months ago, when Audrey and David were only starting to be able to control their hands. They are great, because they have all different kinds of textures for our developing babies, and they easily can get to the mouth even when they haven’t quite mastered the grab-and-pull-to-the-mouth yet. You can read the entire review here.

Plantoys Rabbit

We love wooden toys, because of their durability, safety, classic nature, and adorableness. This wooden “rattle” is a fantastic teether and friend (both babies love to talk to Bunny). Early on, they didn’t quite figure out they could put the wooden part in their mouth, and so they decided they liked to chew on the carrot (that has a metal rattle/bell in it). Even now, the ears are the favorite chew-part.

Cheeky Chompers’ Neckerchew

Neckerchew Cheeky Chompers Review - DoyleDispatch.com

Half drool bib, half silicon teether, all adorable! Although these aren’t available on Amazon yet, you can get them on the Cheeky Chomper website. Look for a full review to come in the next couple weeks. Audrey and David took to it immediately, and I love how adorable they look in them.

Camilia Teething Relief

A friend gave us the recommendation to try out these teething relief capsules as a homeopathic pain relief. David absolutely loves these (after the first time, which he was not a happy camper), and when we pull them out, he immediately stops crying and anxiously waits to drink it up. It works within minutes, and we love that it is a natural way to help the pain. It also helps stomach issues and calms the babies to allow them to sleep. Plus, there is no belladonna in this.

Mesh and Silicon Food Feeders (Munchkin, Boon, …)

While these are for eating solids, they are great when the babies are really hurting. We put in some ice chips or frozen banana, and it really helps for soothing the gums.

Mam Mini Cooler Teether

One of the problem with most teethers that allow you to freeze them is that the entire ring is frozen. That will make for some very cold fingers. I love that this particular teether’s handle is just plastic, so it will not freeze. This is one that David and Audrey both love to use, and I like that the shape of it will be good for the front teeth as well as the molars (when the time comes).

Our Cuties and Their Teethers:

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  1. Thanks for this list!! My baby still hasn’t arrived, but this list will come in handy. I already have amber necklaces on my list, but that natural orajel substitute is good to know about too!

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