#DoyleBeachParty 2014: My New Haircut

Tim’s cousin Rachel is an amazing hair stylist in New Jersey and owns her own salon (Salon Cartarae in Manasquan). When we were at the beach early in the week, I was talking to her about my hair and mentioned that I had often dreamed of cutting it all off, but I didn’t know how it would work out. From there, we kept talking until I knew that she was the one to do it. So, the next day I had an appointment after breakfast to get my hair cut! Here are some pictures from the event:

The best part about this cut is that I can wear it curly, blow-dried, or flat-ironed. While I still need to work on the first two looks, I love the versatility of this! Lately, I have been straightening my hair with the flat iron (it is how I always dreamed of wearing a short cut), because it only takes me 40 minutes from the start of a shower until the end of the hair ironing. I can get it finished during one of our shorter naps! Hooray!

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