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Questions and Comments

We have mentioned in previous posts about the comments that we get when I was pregnant or when we are out and about with the babies. Here are the most common comments/questions and my responses:

“Two for the price of one.”
No, unfortunately. Two for the price of two.

“Double trouble.”
No, double the love.
(Seriously, do people realize that they are saying that my beautiful, sweet, happy babies are trouble? Would you like for me to say that about your kids?)

“You have your hands full.”
No, we have our hearts full.

“Are they natural?”
Why do you ask?

“Are they twins?”
Yes. This is Audrey, and that is David.
(Said to try to fend off the next question…)

“Are they identical?”
No, since they are a boy and a girl, they can’t be.
(Ok, I know there is, like, a .01% chance that they can be identical because of some weird genetic issue… but that is too unlikely for me. Plus, if they are asking if they are identical after they find out I have a boy and a girl, then chances are they don’t have the mindset for me to explain to them about this very specific quirk.)

“You have one of each! Are you done?”
We’ll see.
(I don’t want to talk about my fertility plans with strangers.)

“I always wanted to have twins.”
We were really lucky to have a successful, positive pregnancy and two healthy babies with no NICU time. Many moms of multiples are not as lucky.

“Were you surprised?”
No, we knew that we were having twins at our 6 week ultrasound.

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