Review: Crinkits Water Bottle Toy

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Ever since the twins arrived in November, poor Lucy hasn’t gotten a single new toy until the Crinkit arrived in the mail.

I first heard about Crinkits on The Grommet, a commerce site that features new and innovative products. If you have a dog, chances are you know how much they love and obsess over tearing apart water bottles. Lucy’s favorite toys are water bottles (especially the green Perrier bottles), but it takes her just about 5 minutes until she has torn it to shreds. Eek! Not safe for her (or the babies, who are finding everything and putting it in their mouths).

Enter the Crinkit, a water bottle toy that is much stronger than just a water bottle alone.

Crinkit Water Bottle Dog Toy Review

The way it works is that the water bottle is inside the Crinkit, so the dog can bite and chomp down as much as they want, while still having the satisfying “crunch” and not tearing apart a bottle. Once the bottle no longer crunches, you can take the old one out and replace it.
Crinkit Water Bottle Dog Toy Review

Lucy absolutely loved her Crinkit from the moment that she received it. She instantly knew that this was HER toy (no having to share with those babies!), and she perked up like when she was a puppy. Once I gave it to her, she chewed on it for about an hour solid.

Crinkit Water Bottle Dog Toy Review Crinkit Water Bottle Dog Toy Review Crinkit Water Bottle Dog Toy Review


Then she decided to prance around the house with her new toy, parading it to all that would see it.

It even landed in the babies’ playroom on multiple occasions. She didn’t leave it there for long, because she realized they wouldn’t yet throw it to her like she wanted.

After about a week of constant chewing, it was time to change the water bottle. According to Zigoo (the manufacturer), you can use soap and water to get the new bottle inside the outer rubber shell. I really liked how tight it fit, which made me feel great about the old bottle not escaping when it was chewed up and flattened.

Here are some notes and tips, both from me and the Crinkit website:

  • won’t rip or tear as easily as cloth or nylon water bottle toys
  • not as easy to replace water bottle as alternative toys
  • water bottle stays safely inside (because of difficulty replacing it)
  • large width makes dogs have to use brainpower to figure out how to approach chewing at first
  • dishwasher safe
  • depending on the size of the Crinkit, an 8-oz or 16.9-oz water bottle fits inside (keep cap on)
  • soap will help get water bottles in and out of the Crinkit
  • to extend the life of the interior water bottle, fill it with cloth to keep its shape
  • not meant for aggressive or destructive chewers (doesn’t claim to be indestructible)
  • satisfaction guaranteed via the manufacturer

To watch the video of Lucy’s first experience with the Crinkit, here you go:

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  1. I really like this toy. Your dog is very happy. Thanks for sharing this. I’m also thinking of buying something like this this for my dog! Take care and have a nice day!

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