Headboard Illusion

Creating the Illusion of a Headboard

Ever since we moved to Richmond, we have talked about buying bedroom furniture. We always decide against it, because I inherited a gorgeous set from my great grandfather (passed down to me by my aunt and uncle). It works great and it is a family set… so why not use it?

Well, the only thing against this set is that it doesn’t have a headboard.

So every year or so, we talk about wanting to get a headboard. Do we get one to match the rest of the set? Do we buy a new bedroom set? Do we make a headboard?

We can never decide.

So instead of purchasing a headboard, we save money. We like to save money.

A few years ago, I came up with a solution for our To Have a Headboard or To Not Have a Headboard dilemma: The Headboard Illusion.

Instead of spending the hundreds or (gulp) thousands on a new bed/headboard, you can make an illusion out of pillows! To do this, you will need the following (for a king bed):

– 3 Standard-size Shams
– 2 King-size Shams
– 1-3 smaller accent pillows

It’s so easy too! Make your bed as normal, with your sleeping pillows laid flat against the bed.  Just put the 3 standard-size shams against the wall (on top of the sleeping pillows for height), the 2 king-size next (on just the mattress), and then the accent pillows. You now have a nice, full looking bed without the headboard.

Of course, you will want something else as a focal point, which is where our maps come in. We placed them low enough to cause visual interest and trick the eye, but not so low that you will bump your head on them if you sit up in bed.

Bed Runner

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