Spoon on the Ground

We have continued to work on eating solids over the past two months. While we haven’t done it every day (or even every week), we have enjoyed the fun of trying out our high chairs and solids. Now that the babies are 6 months old, they are showing even more signs of really being ready for solids.

The other day, as we were trying apples (mmm!), David decided that he wanted to hold the spoon himself.

Holding Spoons

Audrey then went to do the same thing.

Holding Spoons

And then the spoons ended on the ground.

Spoon on the Ground


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  1. Grandma Elly says:

    I remember how much fun it was for you to drop your spoons too. And then came the cottage cheese. Kerplunk! You loved the “splat” sound it made.


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