Lilly Brush Review: Be Forever Furless and Save Our Sweaters

As pet parents long before we were human parents, we always struggled with cleaning up their hair. Both Toby the Maine Coon and Lucy the Toller are long-haired animals, and so we often have hair covering our furniture. Although we are lucky that their hair is soft, it is still a bear to clean up. And we are constantly cleaning up after them. We have tried vacuuming the furniture, using pet lint brushes, tape, and every other item on the market. We have spent so much time and money trying to find the best product to help us out.

Then we came across the Be Forever Furless brush by Lilly Brush through The Grommet. I was so excited when I watched this video, and I knew I had to try this brush.

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The Be Forever Furless brush arrived just after we had cleaned up our pet hair for a family visit, so we couldn’t do an immediate photographable before-and-after right away. I did go and tackle Toby’s favorite sitting place, however, just to see what it would pick up. I brushed in one direction, and then another, and then another, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much it picked up. It really got a lot of Toby hair, even after we had already cleaned!

I then raced upstairs to the office/craft room (which we share with Toby as his room). We often fight over the chair with Toby, and this is how it normally looks. When we want to use it, we throw a towel over it.

Be Forever Furless Lilly Brush Review -

Not anymore. After literally just 5 minutes of brushing, the chair was so clean and sit-able. It was amazing! The brush easily fit in the grooves of the chair to get at the long-forgotten hair. The fur stuck to the brush and there was small clumps that I could easily pick off the chair itself.

Be Forever Furless Lilly Brush Review -

Be Forever Furless Lilly Brush Review -

The after:

Be Forever Furless Lilly Brush Review -

In my reviews, I love to feature the story behind the product, as I am fascinated with how products get from conception to the consumer.

Lilly Brush is the company that first started with the Save our Sweater brush. They were contacted by The Grommet, an online retailer that features innovative and new-to-the-market products. Although the SOS was never featured on The Grommet, the two companies reconnected with the launch of the Be Forever Furless (BFF) brush.

BFFflatonbox (300D DPI)If you watch the video on The Grommet’s page, it will give you more detail about the design of the BFF, such as the short bristles and the sturdy material.

If you want to use the BFF on clothing or upholstery, briskly rub the BFF back and forth in any direction, and the hair will collect on the bristles. Unlike other lint brushes, it is so easy to pull the hair off of the bristles! When using the BFF on shorter pet hair or on clothing containing a  lot of acrylics or polyester, it works best to slightly dampen the brush to prevent static cling.

Here is an example video:

The Save our Sweaters brush is a very similar brush and works just as well. As a new mom, I don’t often care about pilling of my sweaters, but I have to say that I am amazed at how much nicer our clothes look after using it. I’m a Lilly Brush convert!

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