6 Months Old!

6 Months Old

I can’t believe we made it. 1 half of a year. 6 months. 25 weeks. 182 days. So much love and laughter and sleeplessness. And poop. So much poop.

And we have loved almost every minute of it.

6 Months Ols

The past six months haven’t been without our share of trials and tribulations. Raising twins is tough. It also gives us more smiles, laughs, and cuddles than we ever thought possible.

6 Months Old

Things We Love about Audrey:

  • Holding her arms out to be held
  • Her bottom lip sticking out to start the slow-motion pout
  • Her high pitched excited squeal
  • How she “goes to work” at her jumper toys
  • Her excited face and arm waves when she rediscovers a favorite toy
  • How she will find comfortable sleeping positions in every inch of her crib
  • When she is carried, she will point with her arm in the direction she wants you to go
  • She crosses her legs so you can’t change her diaper
  • Her “dance recitals” in the doorway jumper
  • The strength of her legs as she tries to stand and walk with our help
  • Her Buddah belly in bathtime
  • Her fascination with Lucy and Toby (but mostly Lucy)
  • The way she touches everything to feel textures
  • How she is obsessed with looking at both sides of her hands
  • When upset, she will kick her right leg vigorously like a horse

6 Months Old

Things We Love About David:

  • Spitting and blowing raspberries to show happiness (and in response to our blowing raspberries at him)
  • How he loves to talk with his hand (or our fingers or any toy) in his mouth
  • His chewing gum motion as he is teething
  • His utter happiness in the morning
  • How hard he tries to self-soothe when he is upset
  • His giggles when you tickle him, kiss his neck, or make a face
  • How he will blow raspberries on your chin
  • How he takes your face in his hands and gives you a big, open-mouth kiss (the way he has always kissed)
  • How much he loves both the “drop” (not a real drop, but it’s just what we call it) and “jump” games
  • The way he clutches his loveys so tenderly
  • The way he has control of his pacifiers (to take them out, put them in, turn them around, and do the Hokey Pokey)
  • “David Smash” is still a favorite foot game
  • When upset, he will bury his head in your neck and clutch you so tightly



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