Half Birthdays


Half birthdays are a big deal to me. Growing up, we always made a big deal about birthdays and half birthdays. I didn’t get presents, but I got a half of a birthday cake. It was pretty wonderful!

I told Tim that I wanted to celebrate half birthdays with Audrey and David as well. Since they have to share a birthday (and it’s just two days after their mommy’s), it’s only fair that we also make a big deal over their half birthday. We won’t do parties, but we will celebrate as a family. I don’t know what the celebration will be like yet, but it WILL involve half birthday cakes and special dinners.

Why do I bring this up? Today is MY half birthday (so if you were reading the paragraph above this, you know what is in two days). No cake today, but I’m excited for what future years will have in store for us during May!

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  1. What a cute family tradition to start. My children are grown and we didn’t celebrate half birthday’s but I did try to make alot of family traditions. They are what make a family special and strong. It also makes for great memories later. Enjoy every moment 🙂

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