Our First Foam Fest (with Tips)


Well, we did it! We ran walked our first 5K today with the Richmond Foam Fest. It was so much fun!

12 obstacles. Foam. Mud. Family. Fun!

Our First Foam Fest (with Tips) - DoyleDispatch.com

Seriously, Tim and I are no runners. I gave birth to twins 6 months ago, and I’m still breastfeeding. If I get a cardio workout at the gym once a week, I’m lucky.

But we did it! Yes, we were just able to walk the race, but we did all 3.2 miles AND the 12 obstacles.

Our First Foam Fest (with Tips) - DoyleDispatch.com Our First Foam Fest (with Tips) - DoyleDispatch.com

Here are some tips for anyone that wants to do Foam Fest from a newbie:

  • Have matching outfits for your team. We went with highlighter yellow shirts with “Team Doyle” and the year that we joined the Doyle family (birth or dating beginning date) on the back.
  • Don’t wear excess clothing. It was cool when we started, but we decided against wearing too much clothing. We even had matching tutus that I made, but we kept those in the car. You will get covered in mud quickly. Mud is heavy. Don’t weigh yourself down ahead of time. We had people all around us making comments about their pants falling down with the mud.
  • Be ready for scratches. My legs and knees got completely cut up from the mud pit crawls. The mud is really thick (and made wonderfully thicker by sand added in), and you may run into some rocks. I did. Next time, I may even wear knee pads so this doesn’t happen again:
  • Drink water first. They will have water stations at every mile point, but there is a lot of running before then, so be prepared and drink water first.
  • Bring supplies. They instruct you with a list of items to bring (ID, towel, extra clothes). Put these in a bag and bring it to the race. Also bring some cash for the food stand afterwards.
  • Bring your family. This is definitely a family-friendly event with lots of activities (bouncy activities that you can purchase tickets for) for kids (about age 7+) and adults. Get ready for a fun day!
  • Pick a practical start time. You will get to choose when you race. We picked at 9:30 start time and got there in time to jump into the 9:00 group. I wish we had gotten a little more time in the morning and had a 10 or 10:30 start time. Next time…

The photographers from the race will have the pictures finished in about a week. Until then, here are some ones from our phones:





Trivia question: What is the significance of the numbers on the back of our shirts?

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  1. Looks like so much fun!! I totally want to try it one day.

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