Games and Activities for Newborns (0-4 Months)

Activities For 0-4 Month Olds

Once your baby starts interacting more with you, you will probably need some ideas with what to do with them. Here are some great ideas that we have been doing with Audrey and David:

  • Conversation: Don’t forget that talking is a great thing to do with your child. It gets them used to you, your voice, and your mannerisms. It also teaches them about communication and builds trust and a bond between you. Pretend you are carrying on a conversation with each other.
  • Feeling Textures: Put different textures into Baby’s hand and by their cheek. Touch-and-feel books are great for this, but if you have a pet, this is a great time to help guide Baby’s hand to the pet’s coat. This also helps with “gentle touch.”
  • Singing: Turn up the Disney tunes and belt at the top of your lungs.
  • Dancing: While you are singing, dance! You can pick up Baby and dance with her, or you can just dance while Baby watches you. She may even start laughing at your dance moves.
  • Activity Gym: If you have an activity gym, lay Baby on his back and let him look at the items around the gym. If he is younger, you may have to lay down with him and interact with the items hanging down.
  • Mobile Time: Your child will eventually love watching her mobile, especially if it moves and has music. Let her watch it for a bit to give you a couple of minutes off.
  • Freeze Face: Make a face and freeze like that for a bit. She will eventually copy that face. Praise her when she has copied you.
  • Repeat: Vary between making a face and sticking out your tongue over and over.
  • Smile: Simply smile and coo at Baby. She will eventually reward you with a smile and coo herself.
  • Hair Sweep: Gently brush your hair over Baby’s face. He will automatically close his eyes, but he will also love the texture and your smell on his face.
  • Sound Sensation: Shake a rattle or hold a light (not too bright!)  in front of their face and move it from side to side slowly so Baby can follow the sound and light.
  • Grab the Toy: When Baby reaches for something (even if it is out of reach), help them get to the object.
  • Peek-a-Boo: An oldie but a goodie. There is a reason why we all played it and why it is still playable today!
  • Read: Babies will need just short stories, so no need for long picture books. Don’t forget the funny voices!
  • Mirror Mirror: Hold your baby and look at yourselves in a mirror. If they make a face, copy them!
  • Tummy Time: Your baby may hate tummy time, but it is so important for your baby’s development. Keep with it! Tummy Time doesn’t have to just be Baby on their tummy on the ground. They can be on your chest, across your legs, in your arms, on a pillow, or even on your changing pad. Start short until they get more used to it.
  • Baby Massage: Pull out the baby lotion and give your little one a massage. Enjoy that time together!
  • Fly: Lift your baby in the air over your head and watch their excitement. Only do this if they have good neck and trunk support.
  • Surfing: Let you baby practice standing up by supporting her under her arms. She will bend and stretch her legs and love it!

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  2. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve had a little one in the house and these are great ideas for interacting with your baby. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday Linky Party.

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