Running Errands -

I love my babies more than anything. It actually physically hurts my heart to be away from them, even when I know they are in good hands with Tim or their grandparents or the babysitters at the nursery in the gym.

I really don’t miss my old life before babies. I miss my students and co-workers (well, they are more than that… they are friends) and actually TEACHING, but I don’t miss the extra stuff that we had to do to keep us from our jobs. I don’t miss the testing. I don’t miss the feeling like I never could get my head above water.

I’m ok with my post-baby body (mostly) and hair (even now that it is starting to fall out) and especially boobs (sorry for being crass, but it’s true… they are awesomely huge). I’m ok with my stretch marks and tying my hair into ponytails many days and the constant smell of spit-up.

So what do I miss? Being able to run errands. I miss going to store to pop in to get so-and-so. I can’t do that anymore. We have to plan a long list of stores and one person stays in the car while the other goes into the stores. It’s exhausting! Or, I have to schlep the babies into the stroller and into the store. I’m sorry, but I’m not doing that unless I have at least 3 things I’m getting from any one store. Not. Worth. My. Time.

I have an idea. I need to hire someone to run my errands for me. I’ll pay them for their time. I don’t need them to grocery shop for me or do big trips. I just need them to pop into the print shop to pick up my pictures or to World Market to get my 3rd box of ginger snaps for the month or to Babies R Us to return the item that we just couldn’t live without. Scratch that. I love Babies R Us. It’s worth getting the babies in the car for that trip. Plus, they have really wide aisles, which are great with our stroller.

So, who wants to be my errand-runner? Think it could be a good business? How could I set up a pay structure? Don’t you think that new mothers/preggers/older adults/anyone would love someone to run their errands for them?

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  1. Grandma Elly says:

    I am happy to come in a couple days a week and just run errands for you!

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