5 Months Old!

Oh my goodness, Audrey and David are 5 months old! 5 months ago our lives were forever changed on the most perfect Friday night that we could ask for. How much has changed in those 5 months! As is becoming our tradition, here are the things we love about our twins.

5 Months Old

5 Months Old

5 Months Old

Things We Love About David:

  • how he loves to be scared, and laughs immediately afterwards
  • his favorite game of “Boo!”
  • his constant look of wonderment when about to be attacked by the Tickle Monster
  • his belly laugh when being attacked by said Tickle Monster
  • how he wakes up in a great mood most evenings
  • his newfound excitement for baths
  • “David Smash:” when he pounds his fist or legs onto an object or the ground
  • how far he has come in loving Tummy Time and almost rolling over

5 Months Old

Things We Love About Audrey:

  • the way she has discovered her toes and how she uses her feet to grab and hold everything
  • her tight grip by her legs as she sits on your hip
  • the way she pulls everything to her mouth as David has done for seemingly months
  • her wide eyes
  • that she loves to stand up and “surf”
  • that she now can breathe through her mouth and makes these manly grunts, followed by big smiles
  • her shrill shrieks, when you don’t know if she is happy or mad
  • the way she sings along to Disney princess songs
  • the way she will fall asleep almost immediately for naps (although whether she stays asleep is still a puzzle)
  • her speed in rolling over (less than 10 seconds after we put her on her back, she has rolled to her tummy)

5 Months Old

Here are some pictures from the past month. You can click on any of them to see the full size.





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