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From pregnancy to infancy (and I’m sure beyond that as well), motherhood is painful and very unglamorous.

We go from:

  • morning sickness
  • to sore muscles
  • to achy hips
  • to rib and bladder kicks
  • to contractions
  • to childbirth
  • to stitches
  • to all-over soreness
  • to jelly bellies
  • to oh-my-gosh-my-nipples-feel-like-they-will-fall-off
  • to exhaustion
  • to bags under your eyes
  • to emotional roller coasters
  • to you-can’t-really-tell-that’s-spit-up-on-my-shirt
  • to hurt backs
  • and hurt shoulders
  • and pain while working out
  • and guilt
  • and clogged milk ducts
  • and rib and bladder kicks from the outside.

No, mothering an infant isn’t glamorous, but it is oh-so-rewarding!

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