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Disclosure: I received the following products in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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As a previous elementary-school teacher, I love books. I have kept all of my books from my childhood (except for my collection of Berenstain Bear books which accidentally were given away), plus I acquired a ton more when I had my 2nd grade, kindergarten, and 4th grade classrooms. You would think we wouldn’t need any more books for Audrey and David, but we keep getting more… and I couldn’t be happier.

Recently, I came across the personalized books called “The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name.” The illustrations are amazing, and they remind me of some of my favorite picture books for early elementary students. Basically, the story is that a little boy/girl has lost his/her name, and he/she goes on an adventure to find letters from their name to create their name. For a past kindergarten teacher, I love this! A story and spelling in one? Yes, please!


The way that you can order is nothing short of genius. With most personalized items, you can’t see what you are buying until it is in your hands. Not so with Lost My Name books! You plug in your child’s name and gender, and then you can virtually flip through the entire book from start to finish. It’s amazing!

Lost My Name Picking Name


Lost My Name Putting Book Together

If you want to see a copy of Audrey’s book, click on this link to flip through the virtual book.

Lost My Name Book Review Cover

Of course, I was curious to see what would happen if you had repeat letters in your name. They don’t just circle back and do the same pages on repeat. If you have two a’s in your name, you will get two different A pages.

What about if you put in your name again? Will the pages stay the same as before? Yes! So, it seems like they have a first choice for letter A and then a 2nd choice for letter A, and then so on. So you have options if there are repeat letters, but they have a priority system for picking the pages. I had fun coming up with names to try out the different possibilities to get different books. They all turned out so cute!

So what about ordering? It’s as easy as can be! The books themselves are relatively inexpensive for something personalized. Just $27.99 and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! I have to say that this is impressive!

Lost My Name Price

If you want to order more than one book, each additional book has a discounted rate. Love that!

When you are finished “building” your books, you will get this page to review your books once more:

Lost My Name Book Review


Please note, the “Edit” section will only allow you to edit the name and gender. You do not get to pick the pages that go along with each letter of the name. This is selected for you.

After you confirm that is your book and pay for it, you will get this page:

Lost My Name Order Confirmation

Isn’t that the most adorable confirmation page? I LOVE the creativity!

The books themselves are absolutely wonderful! They arrived extremely quickly in protective (but not over-the-top) packaging. They are about 8.5×11″ and soft covered, but they are quite professionally printed in a sturdy book, similar to what you would find in any bookstore.

Lost My Name About

Although Audrey and David are too young to read the story to them (it is a little long for 4-month-olds), we take the time to look at the pictures and point out different animals/creatures in the illustrations, which they are fascinated by.

IMG_3851 Lost My Name Book Review

In my reviews, I love to give a little information about the people behind the product, and I love the story behind Lost My Name books:

We are three dads (DavidPedro &Asi) and an uncle (Tal). One day, we decided to make the best personalised book ever, about a little boy or girl who lost (and then found) their name. How hard could it be?

Well… It turned out that there are 14,000 children’s names. Meaning that, to be able to make books about every child’s name, we had to write over 30 stories. Well over 150 illustrations. Then there was the technology and coding behind the scenes. Printing and shipping. How hard could it be? Quite hard.

But we got there. And getting there was fun. Everybody involved has been a friend, everything we’ve done, we’ve done because we loved doing it. And that, we think, is what makes the book so special. Almost as special, we hope, as the little boy or girl who receives it.

If you like the book, we’d really appreciate it if you’d share it with your family, friends, readers, followers. And of course, all feedback is more than welcome.

Please, enjoy.
The team

One other thing to note, the guys behind Lost My Name books also push to have gender-neutral books. This is fantastic! A good book is a good book- it shouldn’t be for girls or boys. We should all be able to enjoy good reading, no matter our gender. The only reason they ask the child’s gender is because they need to know whether to write “he” or “she” in the story, as well as the illustrations (which are only slightly different). Besides that, you will see “girly” stuff in the boy book and “tough boy” stuff in the girl book.

I highly encourage you to check out the Lost My Name books! Order one (or many)! I promise that you will be so happy to enjoy this story with your child for years to come!

In the meantime, you may even be able to win your own Lost My Name personalized book via our It’s a Baby! Grand Giveaway!

In the meantime, I highly recommend that you connect with the Lost My Name team on their Facebook page. They post wonderful articles on so many topics. I have really enjoyed the different things there!


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  1. Those books are darling! I love them! They would make a great birthday gift.

  2. I ordered one of these Wonderful books for my niece’s daughter for Christmas. They loved it, as did I. I am on my computer to order another one for another niece that just adopted a Beautiful baby girl. Love these books!

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