Birthdays and Memories

Today is March 24, the birthdays of my Papa Alan and his twin brother Marshall. This is the second March 24th that we have been without them, and I have to say that our families miss them so much still… a year after Marshall’s death and a year and a half after my papa’s. Yesterday was also the 10th anniversary of the death of their younger brother, Juddy, who passed away in 2004.


It seems so weird that we are without the Bedol brothers, as they are still so much a part of our lives. Still, when I look at Audrey and David and I see them clutch each others’ hands or grab their arms or smile with their eyes, I am reminded of Alan, Marshall, and Juddy. How lucky we were to have them for as long as we did. Happy 89th birthday, Papa and Marshall!





While we still grieve over our loss, March is also a time of great celebration: my brother, Josh, turned 19 yesterday as well! Josh, I’m so sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday! I love you. I am so proud of you. You amaze me all the time. Keep working hard and proving yourself over and over so that all those that come in contact with you see how truly outstanding you are! Never be anything less than your best. I am so proud of who you have become… even if I still picture you as that little 2nd grader that hid in the back of Tim’s car so that we would take you to prom too. Thank goodness you laughed and gave yourself away!



And thank you for being such a good uncle to Audy and David! I love you!

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