4 Months Old!

4 months ago, we were in the hospital waiting for Audrey and David to be born. 4 months ago. It seems like we have had them in our lives for forever, yet it was 4 short months ago.

Happy 4 Month Birthday, Audrey and David! You have brought us more happiness than you ever thought possible.


What We Love About Audrey:

4 Months Old

  • her big smile that she will sometimes share with others, but will always show to us
  • her “talking” and telling us long, long stories, usually when it is during a feeding, before bath time, on the changing table, or when we are about to say goodnight
  • her kicking and thrashing about during bath time
  • “Stick Out Your Tongue” game
  • the way her bottom lip curls down before crying
  • how she likes to read/eat/throw her caterpillar book
  • how she puts her arms up when she wants to be held by you (and then melts into your arms)
  • the way that Audrey and Lucy have started staring at each other
  • the way she “twirls” her “hair” when she is eating
  • how she grasps and pulls on the burp cloth that we keep under her head while sleeping
  • the way she arches her back, almost turning over

What We Love About David:

4 Months Old

  • his big, toothless grin
  • the way he holds your finger, pulls it to his mouth to suck on it, and the pushes it away, only to repeat it again
  • his worried look that can be instantly changed to happiness
  • his long conversations with you
  • his love of singing when there is music playing (his most talkative time)
  • that David is happiest around people- all people
  • how he grabs his hands together and brings them up to his mouth to suck on both at once
  • his belly laughs, especially when he is tickled
  • his coos and sighs

What We Love About Both Audrey and David:

4 Months Old

  • how they look to you when you talk near them
  • how they hold hands whenever they are next to each other and ALWAYS during a nursing session
  • that they can make each other smile, just by smiling at the other twin
  • when they wake up from a nap, they may cry at first, but then break out into big smiles when you go over to them
  • their current I-really-want-to-be-with-Mommy-and-Daddy phase
  • their newfound love of the play gym and jumpers
  • laughing when Rhiney the Rhino dances with them
  • the way that neither wants to let go of the green dumbbell rattle that belonged to Tim when he was a baby
  • the way we can get them to stop crying instantly by shaking that rattle
  • how they take turns crying, so we can always cuddle and soothe with one while the other is happy
  • how they love to suck on their (clean) burp cloths, just like I did when I was a child



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  1. Grandma Elly says:

    It is hard to believe that it has been 4 months. How were our hearts before they filled them with their special selves. They are so different, yet so connected. They are the perfect blend of sugar and spice…joy and angst (“where is my next meal?”). These 2 little souls have brought together 2 families and intertwined our lives forever. Thank you God.

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