Mommy Anti-Filter

3 Months Old

My filter that existed pre-pregnancy still hasn’t quite returned.

Just last week, as I was nursing the babies in the playroom, there was a knock on the front door. My mom, who was here to help out with the twins, answered it. I overheard the man (I started to write gentleman, but I quickly had to delete it) starting to say “Hi. I work with TruGreen…” and I instantly yelled “No! We don’t want TruGreen!”

I’m sure my mom was much nicer than I was and apologized before she closed the door.

Then she came back in the room and we erupted into laughter at my rudeness, joking that my filter hadn’t yet returned. Our laughter made Audrey stop nursing and break out into a huge grin as well.

You see, we used to employ TruGreen to take care of our lawn ages ago… but they basically stole money from us, as they would come at the worst times to “take care” of the lawn… knowing that what they were about to do would actually do no good… which would mean we would need to pay them longer for work.

And then I got smart and fired them. I fired their butts and told them never to bug us again.

But they kept coming back. And over time, I lost my patience. I especially lose my patience when I have twin infants nursing and they come to ring MY doorbell.

So, apparently my filter hasn’t returned. You can read about my pregnancy lack-of-filter here. Now we can add Mommy Anti-Filter too. Oh well. At least I’m polite MOST of the time.

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