3 Months Old!

Happy 3rd Month Birthday, Audrey and David! You have given us such a memorable month! We love you so much! Here are some fun highlights.

Games We Like to Play:

3 Months Old 3 Months Old 3 Months Old3 Months Old3 Months Old3 Months Old

  • “Uh oh! Where’d it go?” – David letting the pacifier fall out of his mouth and then smiling very widely while Mommy says “Uh oh! Where’d it go?” and putting it back in his mouth.
  • “Wah, wah, wah” – Feeling Mommy’s hair brush softly on their faces.
  • Watch the Light – Keeping their eyes fast on the overhead light and TV.

Things We Love about Audrey:

3 Months Old

  • Her long eyelashes with their beautiful curl
  • Her large, clear blue eyes
  • The way she pulls up her shoulders when she smiles so big at us.
  • The drool spots she leaves on all of our clothes.
  • How she loves to watch her mobile.
  • The way she lights up when she sees us.
  • The look of wonderment in her eyes.
  • How she talks to us, especially when she doesn’t want to have her pacifier in her mouth.
  • When she sticks out her tongue to copy us.
  • When her lower lip pouts out before she starts crying.
  • Her little whimper.
  • How she constantly tries to sit up and is happiest looking around at the world.
  • The frantic nature of her sucking on her hand/wrist/fingers.
  • Her nicknames: Princess, Honey, “N-gee,” Audy, Audrey Bunny, Audy Bug

Things We Love about David:

3 Months Old

  • His “talking” to us after meals.
  • Saying “ma!” when he cries.
  • How his eyes have suddenly lightened up to look like his sister’s.
  • The way he melts into a pool of happiness when we pick him up.
  • How he needs his mommy to make everything better.
  • How he clings to us, never wanting us to let go.
  • His huge toothless grin.
  • His giggles.
  • The way he says “oo” with a slight southern accent and rasp to his voice.
  • How he copies his sister when she is upset. As soon as she is happy, so is he.
  • The way he sucks on his hands.
  • His nicknames: Squiggles, Handsome Pants, Buddy, Honey, “I Also,” LD,

Pictures from the Last Month:


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  1. Grandmom Pat says:

    I love these babies! How can they be so big already!

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