Good Enough

It's good enough -

At the elementary school where I used to work, my team of teachers and I had a saying: “It’s good enough.” It has to be. There’s no way we can do it all. Plus, did our students (or their parents) realize the difference when we spent the extra 2 hours on a single lesson? No. Sometimes, we just had to stop prepping and say, “Enough. It’s good enough.” I have to keep reminding myself of this mantra with my babies as well (2 months old).

According to our sleep training book (written by a mom of twins and who has done this for years and year with tons of twins and triplets), we should be doing XY and Z. Well, if we can do X and Z, then it’s ok if we skip Y… right? Right. We have to do what we can to survive. Just the other night, Tim and I decided to create a more set schedule… hopefully to help us figure things out, since it seems like A and D are eating every 4 hours now. We can be flexible… we have to be. We made this schedule to help us not feel as guilty when we just needed to put the babies down for a nap because we needed the break. Now we have built-in breaks as a part of the day. Now, we’ll just see if it works!

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  1. You are so right! Good enough is the best I can do most days!

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