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Twin Manibreasto eBook Review by DoyleDispatch.com

As you know, I am an author for  How Do You Do It? (hdydi.com), which is a Moms of Multiples blog. A couple of weeks ago, a few of us MOMs compiled an “Ask the Moms” post about tandem feeding our twins, which you can read here. I think it’s great for anyone that feels like they are in a rut, don’t know where to start, or are just overwhelmed with their commitment to tandem feeding. It’s also good for those who may not have twins and are curious how we actually do it.

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Author of “Twin Manibresto,” Mercedes R. Donis

One of the MOM authors, Mercedes has written a book about this topic, discussing her experiences (both good and bad). She has published it as an eBook, and it will be launching this week. I read it, and it’s a fantastic book!!!

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I was fortunate enough to read a copy of the book before its release, and I found myself nodding along with her. It was almost as if I had written the book myself, as I found myself finding the situations she was in parallel to my own.

I love how the book is laid out. She has a very clear table of contents (oh, how I love organization), and it follows her adventure through breastfeeding. Not all of it is happiness, sunshines, and rainbows, either, which makes it very, very real. Breastfeeding (twins or singletons) is no picnic, but once you get past the difficulties, it really can be a wonderful experience. Mercedes chronicles this wonderfully in her book. She has had some road bumps along the way, and it is refreshing to read about another MOM’s experience and difficulties. I also love how she discusses how she introduced solid foods to her twins.

Here is a copy of the table of contents to give you a preview of what is in the book:

  1. What Supplies Will I Need?
  2. Will I Make Enough Milk?
  3. What Positions Should I Use?
  4. What Will My Schedule Be Like?
  5. What About Nipple Confusion?
  6. Will I be Uncomfortable Forever?
  7. What Obstacles Will I Face?
  8. What Happens Next?

In the first appendix, Mercedes includes recipes to help increase milk supply. I’m so excited to try some of these. She also has a recipe for a first birthday cake for the twins, which focuses on good nutrition for them. I’m putting that recipe in a very special place for this upcoming November.

In the second appendix, there are links upon links to other resources that may be helpful for other breastfeeding mamas (of multiples and singletons). The third appendix includes a (quite cute) printable chart for recording breastfeeding times and duration for twins. Although this is not the chart we used, it would be quite helpful for someone starting out. It also includes a diaper count (wet/dirty) and a place to record “relief bottles” given.

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If you are interested in purchasing “Twin Manibresto,” please visit the link here to get your own copy of this great eBook! You can also click on any of the pictures to take you to the page to purchase. It is a very quick, easy read, and it is just 54 pages. So if you feel like you are just not a reader or don’t have time, never fear! You can definitely read this book! Hey, you could even read it WHILE you are breastfeeding (that’s when I did!).

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Mercedes R. Donis is a stay-at-home mom and blogger. She is a contributor to the blogs at The Bump.com and How Do You Do It? as well as the online magazine Multiplicity. She loves cheeseburgers and her favorite color changes weekly. Mercedes lives with her family in Aberdeen, Scotland, and writes about her life at her blog Project Procrastinot.



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