Planning for the Playroom

Our formal dining room (seen here) was the first room that was “finished” in the house. The biggest reason was because… well… that was a room that we didn’t ever use. So it still looks just like those pretty pictures.

Until now.

We have decided that it is time for a playroom for Audrey and David.

So, where does one go when they want to design a playroom from scratch? Pinterest! You can check out my Pinterest board called “House: Playroom Ideas.”

Planning Playroom -

After doing some discussions on budget and function, we figured out what we wanted and made a list of everything we want to do in the room.

  • Trade the current TV stand/sofa table in the living room with the TV stand/credenza in the current dining room (credenza will become the new TV stand in order to hide the cords from little fingers and mouths and the TV stand/sofa table will become the changing table in the playroom)
  • Replace glass doors on new TV stand with mesh doors for speakers
  • Buy containers for serving platters to stack in garage (estimate $50)
  • Paint new downstairs changing table a fun color (estimate $10)
  • Buy a changing pad for the new downstairs changing table (we will use a spare cover from the one upstairs) (estimate $25)
  • Buy the 4×4 white Expedit from IKEA (estimate $139)
  • Buy 3 Sprouts storage boxes (7x$26) to fit inside Expedit: dog, dragon, gorilla, kangaroo, peacock, rabbit, unicorn (estimate $182)
  • Buy 3 Sprouts toy chest: whale (estimate $35)
  • Buy 3 Sprouts storage caddies (4x$22) to fit inside Expedit: bee, mouse, owl, pig (estimate $88)
  • Buy 3 Sprouts wall organizer: flamingo (not because we need it, but because I can’t pass up anything with flamingos on it) (estimate $26)
  • Buy 3 Sprouts laundry hamper: goat (estimate $25)
  • Paint walls (estimate $40)
  • Paint chalkboard half-wall in between windows (estimate $10)
  • Add molding to section off chalkboard half-wall (estimate $20)
  • Move current dining room painting to office
  • Sell wine cabinet
  • Move Mickey Mouse (Gulliver Mickey) and Peanuts (uncut baseball cards) artwork from office to playroom
  • Buy and attach 2 quilt hangers to wall (estimate $20)
  • Buy 8×10 or 10×10 rug (estimate $500)
  • Buy drum shade hanging light (estimate $50)
  • Paint drum shade hanging light with alphabet
  • Buy Yogibo Yogi Max bean bag “chair” (estimate $250)
  • Bring extra books down to Expedit
  • Bring stuffed animals down to laundry hamper
  • Fill toy chest with blocks
  • Move in pack and play
  • Move in small wooden activity table
  • Move in activity table from my parents’ house

Total estimates:

  • Furniture estimate total: 139 + 250 = 389
  • Paint and decor estimate total: 10 + 40 + 10 + 20 + 20 + 500 + 50 = 650
  • Storage estimate total: 182 + 35 + 88 + 26 + 25 = 356
  • Other purchases estimate total: 50 + 25 = 75

Final estimate: $1470

Other ideas if budget allows:

  • Get plant hangers and hang current mobiles from nursery off the walls on either side of the Expedit
  • Make colorful fabric bunting to hang along the wall
  • Get/make curtains and curtain rods for windows
  • Buy baby gates to section off the room
  • Make paper airplane wall decal

Here are some pictures that I put together of how I would like for it to look:

Main Wall Playroom - Window Wall Playroom - Back Wall Playroom - Side Wall Playroom -

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  1. If I were this organized, maybe my son’s room would look more like a kid’s room and less like a room that someone just put some stuff in… ! You did a great job breaking everything down.

  2. the playroom will look totally fabulous with these picks. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I admire folks who can look at a room and plan something new. I look at a room…then go bake.

  4. Beautiful plan! I love this!

  5. I love the process you’re following to reorganize the playroom. I have spent a lot of thought and planning in our art/homework/computer room. We have three boys and I’m always trying to find a good way to organize all their school work, toys, art projects, lego projects, on and on. I wish I could find the time to focus on one room all at once. I’m also not that great at picking colors and coordination of items. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I did use Pinterest to work a little on our bedroom. That took enough of my energy.

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