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Right after Audrey and David were born, I was deliriously flipping through my Facebook newsfeed, and my friend Leah made a comment about an app on her phone that she used for her son Mason. Her son is just a couple of months older than my twins, so I was intrigued. She was also raving about it, so I knew that I had to check it out. Here’s what she wrote about it:

My wonderful mother-in-law recommended the app “The Wonder Weeks” to me one day, only a week or so after my son, Mason, had been born. A young mom that she works with had been using it, and my MIL had heard good things about it from her.

Oh a whim during a stressful day with a fussy little one, I finally downloaded it. I can’t tell you how truly glad I am that I did! I’ve been so impressed with the accuracy of the expected timings of each new developmental “leap” that Dr. Frans Plooij describes in the app. As a new mom with no idea what to expect on a day-to-day basis, it can really ease the mind during a fussy period (the app refers to them as “stormy” periods) to simply open the app and read about the development my little one is going through at the time.

Each leap is described in detail, and you have the option of clicking into pages that summarize the specific leap, the new abilities you can expect during or after, signs your baby is going through said leap, and even soothing and helpful ideas for getting baby through the rough patch. It’s nice to be able to reference the count down between leaps also, because it certainly helps to mentally prepare myself for the stress each leap can cause, and to have a visual for how long you can expect each one to last too. I highly recommend it to any new mom, and I’m sure it can be of use to second, third, etc. time mom also!

The Wonder Weeks comes from 35 years of research and observation of babies and the times (weeks) that they were fussy. They were then able to categorize these times with brain and activity development. They have broken up these fussy, angry, upset times into “leaps,” which denote the big changes that our babies go through during these times.

With The Wonder Weeks, they have paper books (available all over the place- Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc), e-books (for Kindles, Nooks, and others), and an app (for Apple products, Google, Windows, as well as other smart devices and platforms). In addition, you can check out their website for information about these leaps and how it corresponds to your baby. So, you have lots of choices for how to find out more!

I downloaded the app for my iPhone. It is rather simple to use, as you just type in the name of your child (or children), their due dates, and whether they are a boy or girl. You even have a place where you can download a picture of your peanut! They go off of the due date and not the actual birth date, because often children born before their due dates take extra time to mature.

Today: From this information, you can get information on today and what is happening in your child(ren)’s development. It will tell you the number of days until the next leap starts/when the current leap finishes. It gives a lot of details about abilities, signs of this leap, and ways you can help him work through it.

Wonder Weeks App Review -

Leaps: The next section outlines the various leaps and the approximate weeks in age that your child will reach these.

Wonder Weeks App Review -

Chart: The next section is a chart that outlines all of the weeks of your child’s young life and the potential stormy/sunny days. Watch out for weeks 14.5-19.5! That’s a long stormy season!

Wonder Weeks App Review -

Books: Some links for you to find out more information and purchase the paper books.

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More: About sections and social media connections.

Wonder Weeks App Review -


My Experience and Review:

Overall, I really like the information based on The Wonder Weeks. I like that it takes into account the further development needed for pre-term babies, but this isn’t always the case. Our twins were born at 36 weeks 5 days. This would mean that they were 3 weeks old when the entire app experience would start for them. We patiently waited, reading up on Leap 1 (Changing Sensations) and looking for signs (on a full-term baby, these would start around Week 4). Well, this meant that we should have been waiting until Audrey and David were 7 weeks old (4 weeks adjusted) to reach the first leap, but almost to the day that they turned 4 weeks old, we started seeing some of the signs with Audrey. David, being smaller and taking a little longer to develop, was just a couple of days behind his sister. After I noticed this, I adjusted their “due date” to their actual birth date, and since then, we have really noticed that it has lined up. Here we are at 7 weeks+, and we are supposed to be into Leap 2, which is where they find patterns. Lo and behold, Audrey matches many of the signs, and we see that David is just a couple of days behind her again. From here on out, we will keep their birth days as the original date, and we will go from there. If Leaps 1 and 2 lined up, then chances are the rest of the leaps will too.

Now, my favorite feature of the app is the list of abilities and signs from each leap. If I am in an exhausted state (with twins, I am always in an exhausted state), I can just scroll to that section and do a quick check-in to make sure that I am not imagining what I am experiencing. Yes, they ARE supposed to be doing that. I’m not breaking my baby. Yes, I should respond by doing this. I won’t hurt them by making that choice.

It is important to note that this is not an interactive application like some out there. The most interaction on it is that it calculates when your child will be reaching a leap. You can also switch between children (if they are different ages). While not interactive where you can plug in information on your child, it is a fantastic easy resource to check in on the development of your child. It has its limitations, but overall it is very helpful information (and done in a visually appealing and easily-readable manner).


You can check out my friend Leah’s new mom/style blog, “That Mama Jama” ( If nothing else, go there to take a look at her adorable Mason. I can’t wait to get our kiddos together in a couple of months for a playdate and a Mommy Blogging Date! Check out her blog button below:

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