2 Months Old!

2 Months Old

It’s amazing that our babies are now 2 months old! What a wild ride it’s been, and it has only been 2 months/8.5 weeks/61 days.

2 Months Old

Here are some things that we love about David:

  • The goat noises that David makes when he’s happy.
  • The way that he stretches to the side (making his body into a C-shape) and makes a Popeye face.
  • His snuggles up on our shoulders.
  • How he kicks the Baby Einstein “TV” to turn it on (we like to think it is intentional, but it is probably unintentional).
  • The faces he makes when he is getting burped.
  • His love of his pacifier.
  • The way he instantly stops crying when you pick him up.
  • How he tickles you with his fingers to let you know he loves you.
  • The way he stops and listens to whistling.
  • The way he calms down when he is close to his sister.
  • His sweet, expressive eyes (and eyelashes).
  • The way he has one tear in each eye after screaming uncontrollably.
  • His high-pitched, blood-curdling scream (and how he tightens his fists up near his head when he does this).
  • His sneezes that either end (or start) with a half-sneeze (“Ah…. squeek“)
  • The way that David doesn’t like to be cold – and will let you know it loudly
  • How David still shakes his head from side to side right before latching on
  • That David’s surprise face is still so adorable
  • David raises only one eyebrow like the Benjamin Button Old Man that he is
  • The way that he grasps for me when nursing.
  • That he is ours.


2 Months Old

Here are some things that we love about Audrey:

  • The way that she giggles and makes faces (“flirts”) before she poops.
  • How Audrey will save a poop all day and then let it go like a trucker (or a Tucker).
  • Her beautiful, mouth-open smile that lights up her whole face.
  • Playing peek-a-boo and seeing that smile.
  • Her strong grasp of your finger.
  • Her grunts when she is happy.
  • The way she loves looking at lights of any kind.
  • Her fascination with her mobile and its motion.
  • The way she grasps his hand when they are next to each other.
  • Her big, beautiful gray-blue eyes (and eyelashes).
  • The way she gobbles when she eats.
  • The look that she never knows when her next meal will be… right before she latches on
  • The way she says “N-gee” when she is hungry (could it be her first word already?)
  • The way that Audrey prefers to sleep unswaddled… and has for weeks now
  • That Audrey has tunnel vision when it comes to nursing- and she can find her target immediately every time
  • That Audrey looks exactly like me at that age.
  • The amount of drool that comes from her is nothing short of miraculous… and makes me love her even more.
  • How she reaches up for us to hold her
  • That everyone should watch out when she is hungry. She will latch on to everything- wrists, clothes, sweaters, arms, necks, toys… anything!
  • That she is ours.

Here’s where we’ve come so far:


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  1. And here are some things I love about Tim and Dory:
     ▪ That they met in high school
     ▪ The sense of humor that they have shown
     ▪ That they decided to marry
     ▪ That they decided to have kids and make me the happiest grandma in the world (well one of the happiest, because I know that Grandma Pat is also the happiest grandma in the world)
     ▪ That they have made us family with the Doyle’s (and their family)
     ▪ Dory’s creative nature
     ▪ Tim’s analytical nature
     ▪ Their palpable love for each other
     ▪ Their passion about everything that they do
     ▪ Their partnership in life
     ▪ Dory’s decision to “stay home” with the twins
     ▪ Tim’s ability to work from home as much as he can
     ▪ The fact that they can sense when I need baby holding time and “invite” me over so I can hold babies
     ▪ The fact that they are already such great parents
     ▪ That they research everything together, and aren’t afraid to “change their course” when they need to
     ▪ That they can laugh at themselves and situations (like how their toilet paper is put on the roller, Dory’s germaphobe nature and Tim’s desire to have a place for everything and everything in its place)
     ▪ That Tim is so comfortable with our family, as if he has always been ours
     ▪ That Dory is still ok with being MY little girl sometimes
     ▪ That any unasked for advice is met with a gentle “Thank you…I know you care”
     ▪ That they love and care for Josh as much as we do, and show it
     ▪ That they are so careful with each others’ feelings
     ▪ That they bring joy to all who know them
     ▪ That they appreciate the everyday miracles that are life and new life
     ▪ That they get very little sleep and don’t complain at all
     ▪ That they are realistic and know that “this too will pass” (if it is hard)
     ▪ That they have made us family with the Doyle’s (I know that this is a “remention”, but once is not enough)
     ▪ That they know that we love them more than heaven and earth

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