Traveling with Twin Babies

Traveling with Twins -

Our first experience of traveling with the babies was for Christmas, when we went to Tim’s family’s house in Charlottesville. We thought we were being ahead of the game. We thought we were prepared. We thought we had packed everything we would need to travel overnight with the twins.

Well, while we weren’t 100% right, but we weren’t far off either. See, if the babies had gone through their clothes and burp cloths like they do at home, we would have been fine. If we stayed just the one night and then went back home, we would have been fine. But instead we decided to stay 3 nights and both babies had massive explosions on the first day there (Christmas Eve). So, we had to revise our travel packing list.

Here’s hoping this list may help you as you prepare for traveling with an infant (or two). I have the item listed, a guideline for the quantity to pack, and then sometimes a note about the item.

Diapers: 1 per two hours of travel per baby + 5 extras OR enough for the first two days + 5 extras.
Note: Our idea was to travel with enough diapers to last one night, and then if we stayed longer, we would get more in town (thus not having to travel with a ton of diapers at once). I would still stick with the buy-more-when-you-get-there, but plan on bringing enough for the first two days.

Wipes: 1 package per every 2 days
Note: This is another one that you can buy when you get to your destination. It’s okay to travel with just one package to start with.

Plastic Bags: 1-2 per day
Note: This is a must-need for diapers. I keep them folded into a triangle, so it is easy to see how many I am grabbing at once.

Travel Play Yard: Depending on sleeping arrangements, either one per baby or one for both
Note: We bought the Nuna Sena for this trip, which is very similar to the 4Moms Breeze (4Moms actually uses the patent from Nuna for their Breeze). When we travel this summer and the babies are bigger and need to be in separate cribs, we will have a second travel play yard/crib.

Crib Sheet/Blanket for Play Yard: Only one is needed, but bring a spare
Note: With the Nuna, we can just use a hospital receiving blanket. It’s a lot cheaper than buying crib sheets for them!

Swaddle Blankets: 1 swaddle blanket per child, plus a spare
Note: We love our Aden and Anais blankets for this. It was risky for us just to bring one extra, but we knew we could do laundry if needed. We never needed that spare, surprisingly!

Extra Sleep Blankets: 2 per child
Note: At home, we had been using just a flannel blanket to “tuck them in,” but then we got smart and started using the SwaddleMe blankets overtop of our Aden and Anais swaddle. That way, we really prevent the babies from escaping and waking themselves up. We bring more of these than the swaddle blankets because if the baby spits up, it will hit this first and the swaddle blanket mostly stays dry.

White Noise Machine: Only 1 + batteries
Note: Our babies need this to fall asleep, and I’ve found that I now need that hum of sound too.

Monitor: inexpensive travel monitor
Note: We originally didn’t have this, but we went out and bought an inexpensive ($25) one before our first night. We didn’t need the video monitor for travel, but now we have one ready to go for our trips (day or overnights).

Breastfeeding Pillow: Only 1 – recommend the Twin Z
Note: You will have to experiment with positioning when you travel, but we got into a nice groove with the Twin Z on the bed for feedings.

Breast Pump: not needed, unless traveling for multiple days
Note: We brought the manual pump (which I have thankfully never had to use), just in case I needed to pump for my own well-being. If we were traveling for 5 days+, I would insist on bringing our electric pump.

Bottle/Syringes for Additional Feedings: not needed for this trip, unless traveling for multiple days
Note: Because of the nature of this trip, we did not bring bottles, but we did have an emergency syringe that we kept in the diaper bag. I knew that I would be around any time we needed to feed the babies. This is one of those big benefits of nursing instead of bottle feeding with formula!

Breast Pads: 1 set per day (up to 4-5 sets) + 2-4 sets of disposable breast pads
Note: If you are using washable pads, just bring enough to last until you KNOW you can do laundry. 

Nipple Cream: 1 tube
Note: NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT! Even if you think you don’t need it, make sure you have it handy for a sudden painful nursing experience.

Washcloths: 3-10
Note: This depends on how much you are planning on doing washes, or if you like to use these like I do for mild spit-ups and “peepee teepees.” 

Burp Cloths: 5-10
Note: You will need these, and lots of them, but the number also depends on how much laundry you plan on doing.

Stroller: 1
Note: No note needed.

Pacifiers: 2 per baby
Note: Don’t forget the pacifier wipes in your diaper bag!

Anti Gas Drops: 1 bottle
Note: Don’t forget this like we originally did. It was so helpful when we had a long night one night!

Bulb: 1 or 1 per child
Note: Just like the anti-gas drops, don’t forget this! We keep one in the diaper bag usually, but we had removed it and forgot to replace it. Thankfully, CVS had one we could get.

Diaper Bag: Keep it stocked with everything you usually have.

Clothes/Outfits: _________

Hats: __________

Backup Onesies: __________

Socks: 1 pair per child as extra
Note: Pack socks as a part of your “outfits,” but bring some spares

Stroller Blankets: 1 heavy-weight + 1 light-weight per child
Note: You may not need the heavy-weight for warmer weather, but we liked having the option of blanket weights for when they were in the carseats or when they were being held at the house.

Dreft: As much as you realistically can bring
Note: Did you know that they sell individual packages that is enough for one load each? Brilliant for short trips! For anything longer than 4 days, I would buy a small container of it to bring along. Now, Tim’s parents keep a bottle at their house. We did baby laundry every day (we get by with doing it every other day at our own home). 


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  1. Cassie Cooley says:

    I would also suggest along with the gas drops always have a bottle of either ibuprofen or Tylenol just incase baby spikes a fever. I always keep one, if not both, in Emma’s diaper bag and am so glad because she has spiked a fever while at church(thanks to the beginnings of an ear infection). Also, even though I did exclusively breastfeed the first six months, I always kept the sample formula packs in the diaper bag just as a reassurance. I just received some of the toddler packets and they went directly in the diaper bag. As they get older always keep snacks in there. Just a few things I would recommend.

  2. Oh, man! I remember these days! This was one of my first blog posts that talked about our daily schedule when our boys were infants: We just got back from traveling with our 5-year old and 2.5-year old twins to Disney World. My husband is in the Navy and unable to take time off to go with us, so I went with my family! I was very nervous leading up to the trip and never would have thought it would go as well as it did. Traveling with little ones definitely takes preparation! Here is my blog link to the Disney World post, full of lots of helpful tips when taking little ones to the happiest place on earth! 🙂

  3. This is a great post!!! I admit, I was terrified to travel with my twin boys when they were little (and potentially even more scared now!). It felt so overwhelming and a list like this would have been great for an OCD mama like me. Thank you for this!! I’ll be sharing with others and I pinned it to my shared parenting library on Pinterest:

    • What a great library of posts! Thank you so much for sharing this post on it! I hope you can find some of the other posts on my pregnancy and parenting twins helpful! I am a Type A person, so I have lots of lists!

  4. Oh my this is quite the list! I don’t think I brought that much stuff with me when we went places, but some of them would’ve been lovely!! And diapers. Never can pack enough!

    • I think the only reason it is this extensive is because we wanted to make it just as comfortable as when we were home. We have always been over-packers, and I think this list proves it. Yikes!


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