2013 in Review (Blog and Personal)

I know it is a couple of days into 2014 already, but I’ve seen so many bloggers comment about the past year, and I wanted to play as well!

Personal: 2013 Year in Review

On a personal note, 2013 had its share of ups and downs. We celebrated love, life, and loss with friends and family in unmistakable ways.

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Back in November and December 2012, we started getting much healthier, both in our eating habits and working out. We both lost a lot of weight and started feeling good! In January, we continued this trend. Tim worked out at our new, local ACAC (the gym we joined in 2012), and I started taking lots of yoga classes. I got hooked on yoga, and over the next couple of months, I really saw a difference in myself both physically and emotionally.

In February, we had to say goodbye to my grandfather’s twin brother Marshall Bedol, just 6 months after we buried my Papa Alan. It was an overwhelmingly hard goodbye, but we knew that Papa Marshall was at peace after missing his brother so much for 6 long months.

In April, we traveled to Savannah, Georgia, to celebrate our 10th dating anniversary and our 4th wedding anniversary. On April 5 (the day after our anniversary), we found out I was pregnant. On April 24th (my mom’s birthday), we had our first sonogram and found out it was twins! Our blog also got a makeover and a new domain name in April.

In May, we announced my pregnancy, and I also announced that I would not be returning to teaching in the 2013-2014 school year (in order to better twincubate and mother our twins after they were born).

Over the summer, we packed up my classroom for the last time, traveled to Alabama and Cleveland for family reunions, and did a lot of planning, blogging, and crafting for our nursery. We enjoyed these happy times immensely.

We also had to say an awful farewell to a dear friend’s baby before we could know her. It is a loss that I don’t think we will ever get over. To lose a child is unspeakable.

We also lost Tim’s Uncle Dave (UD) to kidney cancer, after an 18-month battle with the disease. He passed away after we were all able to say goodbye to him one last time. That is a final gift he gave us- the gift of closure. He will forever remain honored with our little David.

2013 also brought many happy family times, such as the October wedding of Tim’s brother Kevin to his college girlfriend, Lauryn. We are thrilled to officially welcome Lauryn into the Doyle clan, although she has been a part of our family for years. Now, she just shares a last name with us!

In November, I turned 29 and, two days later, we were blessed with the birth of Audrey and David. Less than a week later, we were able to reflect on their first Thanksgiving and Chanukkah.

In December, we had countless sleepless nights, lots of belly laughs, lots of tears of frustration and exhaustion, about a hundred different soothing techniques, lots of baby holding, the twins’ first road trip to Charlottesville, Christmas, and a barely-made-it viewing of the ball dropping at midnight on TV.

Yes, it’s been a year of ups and downs, but that is what makes the world go around. We can’t have the good times without the bad and vice versa. Although it wasn’t published on this blog, I wrote about this dichotomy on the blog “How Do You Do It?” in the post “Sad/Happy.”

Blog: 2013 Year in Review

Old to New Blog

One thing I love is that WordPress puts together a summary of our blog from 2013. Here are some stats (along with data from Google Analytics):

Number of Views of TimAndDory.wordpress.com from January-April: 31,000

Number of Views of DoyleDispatch.com from May-December: 55,405 (27,956 unique visitors)

Total Views of our Blog: 86,405!!!

Busiest Month: December (7,813 visits)

Top Posts of 2013:

Top Referrers: Pinterest, Facebook, TotallyTutorials.blogspot.com, FavoritePaintColorsBlog.com

On a separate note, I have quite a few favorite posts and pages that I’ve written this past year, of which I am particularly proud of. Get ready, as it is a rather long list! It’s always interesting to see which ones make it to the “most popular” list and which don’t.














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