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It is no secret that I did quite a lot of craft projects in preparation for Audrey and David’s arrival. Part of this was because I was no longer working as an elementary school teacher (I took this year off because of my pregnancy and the twins’ birth), part was because I wanted to save money and have personalized touches for our babies, and part was because I just love crafting.

Back long before I got pregnant, I started following Young House Love, a blog about a young family who renovates the houses that they live in. It just so happens that they live in Richmond, which makes it all the cooler to follow them. Side note: I secretly hope that I will run into them during our trips out and about so I can meet them.  

One of the projects that has become a hit on the YHL blog is their daughter’s weekly/monthly pictures, starting when she was a baby. They would buy a yard of fabric a week and take a picture to show her growth. Well, of course, I love fabric so I wanted to copy this idea. But then, I became pregnant with twins. Do you know how expensive it would be to get a yard of fabric EACH week for EACH baby. Yikes. Lots of money.

So, instead, I took the idea from one of their fabrics (the one from Clara’s 1 year old picture) and I totally copied it. I wanted Audrey and David to have name fabric too! So, I went to my editing program (my current favorite is the free package from my Silhouette Cameo, called Silhouette Studio) and typed in their names in cursive. I then picked out which color I wanted to use. I then copied it and pasted it so that the name repeated over, and I overlapped it so it was a string of each name.

For the second row, I did the same thing, just in a different color.

I then enlarged the screen to make it as big as possible, and I took a screenshot of this (which is my current favorite way to get an instant image of something on my screen). For Macs, I use shift+command+4 and then pick what I want to screen capture. In this case, I wanted to capture a small portion of the whole image, but enough that I could edit it later.

Name Fabric - DoyleDispatch.comName Fabric - DoyleDispatch.com

I then went to Spoonflower.com, which is a website that allows you to make your own fabric, decals, wallpaper, and wrapping paper. Let me just say that it is incredible!

I imported the picture and then did a BUNCH of edits on PicMonkey to properly re-stitch the image of the words together again.

David Spoonflower Fabric - DoyleDispatch.com

For David’s fabric, I was able to make it work fairly well, but I struggled with Audrey’s fabric at getting it to be lined up perfectly. That’s where the Spoonflower team of experts really helped! They have an instant chat, and I feel like I became fast friends with the people that helped me. At one point, she even offered to access the design and do a couple of edits on her end to make it work even better. What service!

Audrey Spoonflower Fabric - DoyleDispatch.com

Once you finish editing the fabric, you can order it in any multiple of types of fabric, from quilting cotton to sateen to organic knit. As I mentioned above, you can also make your design into wallpaper or wrapping paper. Once you are finished, you can also make your design go public so that you can have others access it and order it. Oh, and if someone buys your design, YOU get a commission from it. Cool, right?

Oh, and each week they have contests that you can enter if you design a fabric to fit in the category they assigned. Then, people can vote on your work if they like it. I had fun designing for the Tacky Christmas (Chanukkah) Sweater contest (I did this before the twins were born… I wouldn’t have time for that now).

I know that this isn’t a true tutorial, so here are a couple of other links that may help you with making your own fabric on Spoonflower:



Once I open up my Personally Yours shop again, I am going to have a design service with Spoonflower so that I will make a name fabric for customers as well. Let me know if you want me to contact you once this is available!

Audrey Olivia Doyle - 1 Day Old - DoyleDispatch.com

David Alan Doyle - 1 Day Old - DoyleDispatch.com

*I did not receive any compensation for this post. I simply LOVE Spoonflower, and I want to brag about the amazing brand and customer service team that they have put together!*

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  1. Hi, what fabric did u print onto, just the kona cotton? And what did you make with their name fabric?

  2. I don’t get how this works. Can i order fabric by the yard with the name ainsley printed on it?

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