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About 2 months before Audrey and David arrived, I was on one of my Moms of Multiples forums, and they were talking about products that were useful for our multiples. One of the women mentioned the Dozer Rocker. What was that? I quickly took to my dear friend Google to find out more information. What I found out made my head spin (in a very good way).

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The Dozer Rocker is one of those amazing inventions made by parents for parents. It looks like a doorstop, but its electronics makes it raise and lower so that it can gently rock your child’s carseat, thus saving your legs from hours of rocking. For a parent of a singleton, it is quite useful. For a parent of multiples, it is a hero.

Seriously, though, you’ve seen the parents in a restaurant or park with their child in the carseat, constantly rocking them to keep them content or asleep. For those of us with two babies, it is near impossible to use both legs to rock both babies at the same time. The Dozer Rocker does half of the job for us (or get two of them to do the whole job!).

It is really quite easy to use. The Dozer sells for $29.99 on the product’s website. You can use 4 AAA batteries for 11+ hours of use OR you can purchase the additional wall adapter ($9.99) to plug it in and save some batteries. Shipping is a flat rate of $9.99 (unless purchasing multiple Dozers).

Here is Miss Audrey in her carseat, quite happy with her Dozer Rocker:


The Dozer Rocker is very easy to set up, and it only has a slight learning curve. There is a metal bar on it that helps make sure that the car seat doesn’t slide away. My mommy brain (on only a couple hours of sleep) couldn’t figure out where to put it, so Tim did the “installation.” Once we tried it out, however, we realized how simple it was to make work.

Of course, if my mind was really working, I would just have taken a look at their website, because of course there are videos that explain exactly how to set it up. Duh!

One thing that I want to note is the sound. In the video, it sounds quite loud, but that is also because there is zero background noise. When we are talking or having the TV on, you can hardly hear the Dozer at all.

Unfortunately for the general public, the Dozer Rocker is sold out until February 2014. Fortunately for Doyle Dispatch readers, however, we have one Dozer Rocker to give away!

It is extremely simple to enter this giveaway: simply use the RaffleCopter widget below. You have multiple ways to enter, and I will pick one lucky winner on December 30! Good luck!

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  1. Wow – this is SO smart! I’ve been deep into researching swings for our twins (due in late April), but this would be such a nice (apartment-friendly) addition!

  2. Very cool – thanks for doing a giveaway!

  3. This looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Congrats to Jodie Z and for all those that were not as fortunate, here’s a 15% off discount code for any Dozer order you place through July 31st. Discount Code: doyle15

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