“Are They Here Yet?”

At full-term for twins (something I never thought I would get to), this is a question that I am faced with every single day.

“Are they here yet?”

“When are they coming?”

“Haven’t you had those babies yet?”

Believe me, I am just as anxious (and waaaaaay more so) than you!

But they aren’t here, and they are quite comfy where they are. I know that is a good thing. I know they are safe and happy and healthy, and each day they are in utero, they get stronger, but I am just ready already.

I recently turned to my group of How Do You Do It? (hdydi.com) authors for advice. They are all moms of multiples who have been where I am now. How can I stay sane when I just want to have these babies already? Here’s a list of their advice to me. Many of these I had already done, but I thought the list was fantastic, and it may help someone else in the same situation (whether you are having one baby or multiples):

Are They Here Yet? Surviving the Last Few Days of Pregnancy - Doyle Dispatch

1. Try to enjoy this time alone, because once they are here, you won’t have it anymore.

2. Put your feet up when you can

3. Drink tons of water

4. Do a small project for yourself for the hospital (something that will bring you comfort)

5. Check, double check, pack, repack the hospital bag

6. Get into a new TV show through Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video, and watch a million episodes a day to distract yourself

7. Stay focused on the positives:

  • going past 37 weeks is almost guaranteed no NICU time
  • bigger babies eat less often in the beginning
  • the longer you wait, the more likely you will go into labor spontaneously (easy, “regular” delivery)

8. Take lots of hot showers to relax

9. Take some time writing welcome letters to them (dreams and love for them, what their personalities were like in the womb)

10. Get copies of “Oh the Places You’ll Go” and get friends and family to sign them

11. Enjoy the sleep

12. Eat a few more milkshakes

13. Make sure your home is in order: sort mail, file bills, schedule payments… try to get into a position that things will be ok if you don’t touch them for a couple of weeks

14. Enjoy the time. It’s much easier to look after the babies when they are inside than when they are outside.

15. Do something for yourself: get a pedicure, read a book, write

16. Pack your bag

17. If you are doing baby books, fill out the pre-birth stuff (genealogy, how much milk costs, etc)

18. Try to do one errand a day, if you can tolerate it (run to Target, grocery store, or library)

19. Take naps when you can, since you aren’t sleeping at nights

20. Use an exercise ball to stretch your back and hips

So, my friends, what advice do YOU have to stay sane during this waiting game?

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  1. Grandma Elly says:

    Add this comment that I got this morning in Step Class, to those you get….
    “Are you sure those babies haven’t come yet? You look so tired.” (I didn’t even know how to respond, so I just said “Thank you.”)
    Seriously though, I love this list…and even more, I love the mutual support you all give each other. There is no one that understands better than someone going through it too.

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