A Birthday Wish List for a Mom-to-Be

I have one of the best birthday presents ever this year. I am a mom-to-be! So what kind of presents can you get for a future mom? Well, here’s my birthday wish list:

1. Health for Me

I want to continue to feel okay. I don’t expect to feel great, as I am REALLY pregnant with twins. I just want to be able to not ache ALL day long. I want to continue to have good blood pressure, no nausea, and minimal swelling.

2. Health for my Babies

They are doing great, and I want to keep it that way. Out of superstition, I don’t want to dwell on this too much. I know they may require NICU time, but I wish that their time there is brief.

3. Good Bras

I recently put away my pre-pregnancy bras, and I am now exclusively wearing nursing bras (specifically these from A Pea in the Pod maternity). They may not be the best looking in the world, but they are SO comfortable.

4. An Appetite

I would really appreciate still feeling hunger, at least so I can eat my birthday cake in bed.

5. A Good Sense of Humor

There are some really uncomfortable parts of being pregnant and the impending labor/delivery adventure in which we are about to partake. Keeping a good sense of humor will be the only thing that will keep us going.

6. Supportive Family

We are really lucky that our families live so close and are so willing to help us out when the twins are born. With their help, we will be able to get through anything!

 7. Pretty Weather

I kid you not, for all but 1 of my birthdays, we have had beautiful weather. I mean, we have had some chilly days, but we’ve always been able to see the sun, some clouds, and enjoy the day. I’d love it if this year, that trend continues!


One more thing that I wish for… I want to meet my babies already! I’m okay sharing a birthday with them! Come on, Baby Boy and Baby Girl!

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