Things People Say (To Pregnant Ladies)

As I’ve gone through the past 8 months, I’ve encountered mostly kind and genuinely excited people (especially when they find out that we are expecting twins). Even so, I have realized that most people will say one of a few things. We appreciate all of the attention, love, and support, but some of these are pretty darn funny.

Below are things that we have heard, both from strangers and friends:

  • When are you due?
  • Do you know what you’re having?
  • Wow! Twins!
  • Do twins run in your family?
  • On which side do twins fall in your family?
  • Did you take fertility drugs to get them?
  • You don’t look like you’re having twins.
  • You are too small to be having twins.
  • At least it’s not triplets.
  • Will you have to have a c-section?
  • Are you going back to work?
  • Get your rest now.
  • Double trouble!
  • You’re going to be an expert in changing diapers.
  • Were you trying for twins?
  • Where are you delivering?
  • Your parents must be so excited!
  • What are their names?
  • Identical or fraternal?
  • Oh! A boy and a girl? Are they identical?
  • I have a brother/sister/aunt/friend/cousin/mother’s hairdresser’s babysitter’s niece that has twins.
  • How blessed!
  • Are you done having kids?
  • Is this your first?
  • How long will your husband be able to take off work?
  • Are your parents close?
  • How are Lucy and Toby going to handle babies in the house?
  • Two more Hokies!

Do you have any to add to this list?

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  1. And for the grandparents….
    * Where do they live? (Richmond)
    * Do YOU know the names (They aren’t saying yet).
    * I know where you will be spending your time. (As much as they need us).
    * Your dad would be so happy (Yes he would).
    * How big are they (Um…well, look at Dory. Can’t you tell?).
    * Are you excited? (Are you kidding?)

    The last month is probably the hardest for Dory and for Tim. Not only the questions, but the discomfort, lack of sleep and the just not knowing what life will be like. I have likened this stage as the “Roller Coaster” stage. You are climbing that first big hill, knowing that something big is ahead of you, but not knowing exactly what it will be. But now at the end of the pregnancy, the soon to be new parents are feeling like “I don’t give a sh&% where this car is going, I just want to start the downhill, and we are still climbing!”

    And as a grandma-to-be (but mainly as a mom and mother-in-law), I just want them to be healthy….all of them Dory, Tim, Baby A and Baby B. And cooking them for as long as possible is the best assurance of that. So for as long as that takes, we (the Tucker and the Doyle grandparents-to-be) will wait….until it is time.


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