New Daddy Kit

I am so lucky to have the most amazing partner in Tim. He has been my rock through this pregnancy. When someone tells me that I’m doing so well for being pregnant with twins, I respond that it’s because of Tim. I can hold it all together throughout the day, but at night, he’s the one that helps me to get that extra glass of water. When I have a particularly uncomfortable contraction, he’s the one to help me breathe through it. When I can’t get comfortable at night and get up 40 times to go to the bathroom or readjust, he’s there to check on me. And yet he still supports me, loves me, and says that I’m doing so much. No, HE’S doing so much. I’m just twincubating.

So, with all of the attention surrounding me and our babies, I wanted to do something for him to let him know how much I appreciate him. I put together this New Daddy Kit, just to show him how much I love and respect him for this support. It is compiled of 14 little presents that he had to open (in order). You can see the graphic below to get the overall glimpse of what he got.

1. Paperclips: So you can hold it together.

2. Earplugs: For when you can’t hear yourself think.

3. Advil: When needed, take 1 for each baby.

4. Nuts: To remind yourself to laugh when things get a little nutty.

5. “Evil Twins” Sweet and Sour Candy: To remember our twins are both sweet and a little sour.

6. Hershey Kisses: To remind you that I still want to give you lots of these.

7. Starbucks Gift Card: For when your battery is running low.

8. Baby Wipes: To clean up many messes.

9. Gloves: To protect your hands when changing those “mystery diapers.”

10. Hand Sanitizer: To sterilize your hands from whatever gets past the gloves.

11. Mask and Clothespins: For when the stinky diapers are too much to handle.

12. 3 Books (“I Love You So…,” “Daddy and Me,” and “Daddy Kisses”): To enjoy at bedtime with your babies

13. “Go the F*%$ to Sleep” Book: Sometimes you may feel like reading this.

14. Beer: When all else fails, have this.

New Daddy Kit

New Daddy Kit -

I packaged it all up in a Daddy Diaper Bag (because there is no way he will want to use my girly, colorful diaper bag on a daily basis) from Columbia.

New Daddy Kit -

New Daddy Kit -

New Daddy Kit -

New Daddy Kit -

New Daddy Kit -

New Daddy Kit -

Let’s just say that he loved it!



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  1. Dory,
    You are a sweet and sensitive wife/mommy. You are right. Tim is amazing. You and he are an incredible couple. You will handle anything that comes your way with love and a sense of humor. It is not often one sees a couple who is so devoted to each other, yet each maintaining their unique sense of self.
    May God bless you both always, and bless your twins in their journey into our lives.
    With love always,
    Grandma Elly

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