Spikers: Review and Giveaway

*This contest is now over. Congratulations to our winner, Renata!*


If you are friends with me on Facebook or you follow my Personally Yours Facebook page, you have seen me write about these things called “Spikers.” You are probably very curious to know what they are and why I am so excited about them.


These are Spikers:

SpikerLifestyleHolders - DoyleDispatch.com

Quite simply, they are plastic drink holders that are meant to keep your drinks sand-free when you are at the beach. Here is something that the company says about their product:

Just Spike it in the Sand:

  • next to your chair or beach towel
  • add a cold drink, cell phone/media device, suncare
  • a coaster for sand, use at the river, beach or lake
  • keeps your items cooler, sand-free & no more spills

What a neat idea, right?

Well, since we are done with beach season for a few months, what else can you use the Spikers for?

Halloween candy!

Spooky Spiker Servers - DoyleDispatch.com


Game Day candy and popcorn!

double header - DoyleDispatch.com


gameday - DoyleDispatch.com

You can even put them in between the couch cushions if you have grabbed the middle seat and you don’t have a place to rest your drink nearby.

Of course, they can also be used as flower planters:

SpikerPlant-n-Spike - DoyleDispatch.com

Spikers are great when you have no time to garden- just spike them in the soil, sand or even the snow and then add those little plants you get already potted in the little black or white cups. You will then have a colorful garden. It’s easy to switch out the plants when they grow too big or wilt – no weeding or digging! That’ s my kind of gardening!

And you can bet I will be using mine next summer at the beach:

onbeach - DoyleDispatch.com

SpikerBeach - DoyleDispatch.com

oneSpiker - DoyleDispatch.com

They come in the fantastic colors as well:

Spiker 15 colors - DoyleDispatch.com

(red, blue, white, yellow, pink, purple, teal, lime, black, silver, mauve, orange, sky blue, kelly green and garnet red)

It’s hard to pick my favorite!

I was really fortunate to have Karon from Spiker International contact me a few weeks ago to let me know about a contest that they were having to create a Spooky Spiker Server. The prizes included lots and lots of free Spikers! Of course I had to enter! I immediately got to designing.

What did I create? “Mrs. Sullivan, The Witch!”

Let me tell you a bit of history about this “Mrs. Sullivan:”

“Mrs. Sullivan, The Witch” is modeled after my mom’s mysterious babysitter (when she was a little girl) called “Mrs. Sullivan.” She had purple eyes and green hair, and she lived in the elevator shaft of my grandfather’s manufacturing plant in Cleveland. She only came to babysit you if you didn’t behave, so we always tried to be good, so Mrs. Sullivan wouldn’t come to watch us when our parents were away.

I remember having my grandfather take us through the factory before it was torn down, and we used to be terrified of going anywhere near the elevator by ourselves, because we knew that Mrs. Sullivan was lurking there, ready to watch us.

Well, here is my interpretation of Mrs. Sullivan, as made into cartoon form (yes, I did make this myself):

SpikerLifestyleHolders - Personally Yours by Dory and DoyleDispatch.com

While I don’t believe that Mrs. Sullivan actually has a witch’s hat, I did have to Halloween-up her style.

Here’s my favorite part, though. Put a beer in the Spiker, and…

SpikerLifestyleHolders - Personally Yours by Dory and DoyleDispatch.com

The hat still fits!

I also designed this Hokie Bird Spiker that we can use to show our Hokie pride. Tim’s a little jealous of my new drink holder.

SpikerLifestyleHolders - Personally Yours by Dory and DoyleDispatch.com







So, are you in love yet? If you want to get a Spiker, you have a few options.

You want just a couple Spikers:

You can purchase Spikers through Authorized Dealers in their online store, physical stores, Etsy, or Facebook stores. If you want to get it personalized, check with your local monogram/boutique/gift store. You can also check out my shop at Personally Yours by Dory on Etsy or our website to inquire about them as well! This is how you will get the most options in colors for Spikers. If you go through some of the direct links in the next section, you may not be able to get all of the colors available.

You are a crafter and just want some Spikers to personalize:

If you would like small quantities ordered directly from Kookamungas, there are some options, but you cannot purchase all of the colors available.

Shop at http://kookamungas.com for 4, 6, 12, 24, and 48 packs. Limited colors available.

Shop at https://www.facebook.com/Spikerbeachbeverageholder/app_149696141763776 for 4, 6, 12, 24, and 48 packs. Limited colors available.

Purchase directly through an Amazon search for “Spiker” or “Spiker drink.” Limited colors available.

You want a large number and/or want to become an Authorized Dealer:

If you want to inquire about larger number orders, you can do that here: http://www.spikercompany.com/Become-an-Authorized-Dealer-.html

Dealers, you can be added to the Spiker blog page of Authorized Dealers. Go to the FAQ page on the Spiker Website for more information.

Follow Spiker International

Just can’t get enough? Make sure to follow Spiker on their website, Facebook page, or their Monograms Today blog. I would highly recommend following them, as they are often having giveaways or contests. I entered my Mrs. Sullivan Spiker in a contest and won 2nd place! I won a Christmas set of Spikers (48 total: 16 green, 16 white, 16 red) and an assortment of other colors as well. How exciting!


Well, here’s the best part of the whole thing, though. You can win your very own Spiker in whatever color and design you want! I am thrilled to be able to offer a Spiker to one lucky winner! If we have enough entries (over 150), I will have 2 winners! So pass on this contest to your friends! You can use our Rafflecopter widget below to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

SpikerThanksgiving - DoyleDispatch.com


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