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Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -

Back in May, my fantastic mom gave me a priceless First Mother’s Day present. Just as I was facing awful nausea and all-day sickness, we received a terrific gift in the mail: a gift certificate from our wedding photographer for maternity pictures.

(Just in case you want to see some of her work from our wedding, check out our Wedding page.)

Now, I had never wanted to get maternity pictures. I thought that there was something a little self-serving about being the subject of these pictures.

Then I became pregnant and realized that it would be fantastic to document the amazing things that my body is going through. I mean, there are two living beings growing inside of me. And soon they will be in my arms. Astounding.

Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -

So, we used our gift certificate with the amazing Sarah Cramer Shields of Cramer Photo when I turned 30 weeks pregnant. I am so glad that we did.

Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -

Sarah has this amazing gift for really getting to know us and really display our personalities with the pictures. This is just a talent. She spends so much time talking to us throughout the entire session. It feels almost like an interview with just a couple of snaps of the camera… and then she ends up with hundreds of amazing pictures!

Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -

What I loved most about the whole experience was that it was a time for Tim and me to have some time together to reflect on our relationship, our supportive family, and the way that our lives are about to change forever. We could snuggle,

Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -


Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography - DoyleDispatch.comsmile,

Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography - DoyleDispatch.comtalk,

Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -


Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -

and just love each other in a way that will change when we are no longer a family of 2, but a family of 4. What a priceless way to document this change.

Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -

When getting ready for our wedding pictures, Sarah had asked if I had any pictures that I wanted taken. I had a list a mile long. Literally. A mile. Looking back, it is a little embarrassing to see everything that I wanted photographed and the specific “popular” poses, when Sarah is such an expert. She did an outstanding job and got everything on my list, but I should have just let her do her thing.

Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -

For these maternity pictures, I had no plans. Yes, I’d looked at the “popular” maternity pictures that are circulating, but I didn’t feel the need to recreate those for us. I just had one request: I wanted to incorporate my grandfather’s shirt quilt in some of the pictures. Other than that, Sarah could ask us to do whatever.

Maternity Pictures by Cramer Photography -

We took all of the pictures around my parents’ house in Charlottesville on a comfortable October afternoon at about 4. The light was magical. The temperature was perfect. The leaves were  starting to change and fall. It was… memorable. It wasn’t just pictures for us. It created this memory of one of our last times just the two of us. So special. Thank you to my mom and Sarah for making this happen!

Here are our favorite pictures below. You can click on any of them to see the full-size version (and not in thumbnail size or cropping).



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  1. Melissa Bedol says:

    After time a I “hear” you talk there your posts, I just tear up….
    You are such a ‘heart felt person’ its amazing……And these pictures just verify that……
    I just adore you and Tim Dory and CANNOT wait for the new arrivals…….
    I bet the names are going to be very similiar to my dads and your pappys names………………….
    And I am on the edge of my seat waiting the incredible news……..♥


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