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Pros:Cons Pregnancy -

I wanted to be pregnant for a long time. I wanted babies for a long time. Now I’m pregnant, and overall I have loved it! Here’s my list of the…


Things I Love about Being Pregnant:

1. My bump

I love my belly. I love it so much. I love showing it off. I love that I started getting it so early, because that means that I have had extra time to show that I am, indeed, pregnant!

2. Maternity clothes

I first went maternity clothes shopping in the first trimester. Yes, I was showing, but the maternity clothes didn’t quite fit me well enough to pull them off (or I was picking all the wrong sizes). I went back this summer, once I started into the 2nd trimester, and I have not gone back since. I LOVE maternity pants and shorts (once you find items that look good on you, that is). They are SO comfortable, and I absolutely don’t miss my jeans cutting into my tummy at all. I love my tops that I got. I love how comfy they are, but also how stylish I have been able to be. It’s nice to feel and look good when you are carrying 30+ lbs of extra baby and stuff on your belly.

3. Not gaining too much weight

I have been really fortunate with this pregnancy, and all of my weight has gone just to my tummy area. My arms, legs, neck, face, hands, and feet haven’t grown at all. Thank you genetics and hard work before getting pregnant!

4. How nice people are to pregnant women

In the 7+ months of my pregnancy (5 months of people knowing), I have only had one person be blatantly rude to me. Everyone else seems to bend over backwards to be overly nice to me. Of course, that puts me in a good mood too. Plus, because I got my bump so early, I have had an extended time of nice people!

5. Strangers touching my belly

Some people may think it’s weird that this is on my “Love” list, but I really do love it. I wanted to be pregnant for so long, and I have no problem with people touching my belly. I actually haven’t had a lot of strangers do it, but when they do, I’m okay with that. Now, if they want to touch the babies once they are born, I will have a totally different reaction (ew, germs!).

6. Cheeseburgers and french fries and sweets… oh yum!

Mmmmm! I love my cravings! I love food! I love being able to eat them. I am a bottomless pit. I will eat and eat and eat, and still not feel full. Yummy!

7. Many ultrasounds to see my babies

Having twins means that we are categorized as “high risk” automatically. That means we get lots of ultrasounds. In the first trimester, it seemed like we were getting them every 2-3 weeks. Then, in the second trimester, it dropped to once a month. Now that we’re in the home stretch, it went back to every 2 weeks, and this week starts ultrasounds every week. I love seeing my babies and watching them move around, suck their thumbs, yawn, kick, wave, act shy, and show off their already-adorable personalities. Those Monday appointments are the best!

8. “Future Moms” program through our insurance

If you are pregnant, you MUST check out your insurance’s New Mom program. Through our insurance, it is called “Future Moms. ” They have a nurse assigned to our case, and she calls us every month or so to talk about issues that may arise with the pregnancy. She knows our case history, and she is an actual nurse there to answer questions and guide us through this process. If I have questions, but I don’t want to call my doctor, I can call the nurse line 24/7. It is a fantastic resource when I don’t want to bug my doctor, but I don’t know if so-and-so symptom is something more serious or not. Plus, it’s so smart for the insurance company. Have this service on hand, and they educate their moms so we aren’t in the ER or Labor/Delivery over something small. Prevention is such a money-saver for them!

9. Meeting amazing moms on the MOM (Moms of Multiples) groups online

I am not a shy person, and I’ve taken full advantage of social media and groups for MOMs. I am a member of a private international Facebook group for MOMs, a watcher on a few MOM forums (I typically don’t post if it is public), a reader of tons of MOM blogs, and a new author on a blog for MOMs called How Do You Do It? ( Each of these has given me invaluable advice and experience to get me ready for this unbelievable adventure that we are about to experience.

10. Physical therapy

Early in my first trimester, I developed a shoulder issue that became too painful to simply sit by and let happen, so I talked to my doctor. She encouraged me to seek out physical therapy, as we couldn’t quite pinpoint a cause of it. Let me just say that those weekly visits are the best! I love the physical therapists that I get to work with (most of them are currently or have been pregnant, so they know what I’m going through). I love the help that they give. I love the advice that they provide for dealing with the daily aches and pains. I love that it safely gets me moving each week, when I normally don’t have enough energy or stamina to go to the gym for an old-me typical workout. Ladies, if you can get PT when you’re pregnant, DO IT!

11. Baby movements

Before I got pregnant, I was a little weirded out by the idea of a living thing moving inside of me and being able to feel it. But the first time that I felt my little peanuts flutter, I got over that worry mighty quick. Overall, I love every twist, turn, and tug. Sometimes when Baby Boy gets a little rough, I will talk to him or firmly press down, and he usually calms down right away. When Baby Girl gets excited and tap dances/head butts on my bladder, I may make horrific faces from the pain, but oh, I love my little stinkers and their movement!

12. Relatively little worry (compared to my usual “pool of blood” theory)

I typically subscribe to the Pool of Blood Theory. That is, if something bad could happen, it is going to happen and end in a pool of blood. Yet, with this pregnancy, I should be worried sick. I should be worried about every movement or lack of movement. I should be worried that I’m categorized as “high risk” due to the face that I have twins. I should be worried that the babies are going to be born preemies and be in the NICU for weeks. I should be… but I’m not. I’ve had a very laid-back attitude about the whole situation, almost as if a strange calm has come over me, knowing that it will all be okay in the end. It’s a nice change of pace for me, and I have to say that I think Tim enjoys that too.

13. Responding to the question, “What are you having?”

My reply: “One of each.” I love the looks on their faces as they go from confused to questioning to amazement. “Twins!?!” It is the easiest way to tell someone new that we are having multiples, so I love when that is the question that they ask.

14. Blogging about my babies, the pregnancy, and the nursery

This has been such a special time and way to record the pregnancy. Thank you for your support, encouragement, and for reading!

15. My hair, nails, and skin

I noticed that my nails were growing really fast when we were in Savannah, GA, in April. 2 days later I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive. I have loved how fast my nails grow. They are so long! I also have been really lucky to have good skin and pretty good hair during the pregnancy. I don’t know why I got this lucky, but I’ll take that pregnancy glow any day!

16. Hearing “Wow, you look great for having twins!”

I am currently at my heaviest weight I’ve ever been (and hopefully will ever be). But I constantly hear this from friends, family, and strangers. I mean, even if I wasn’t pregnant, I would love to hear, “Wow, you look great!” It’s even better when I’m carrying two basketballs around. I mean, what pregger doesn’t love a good pick-me-up? I’m no different, and it definitely helps if I’m in a less-than-ideal mood one day. I’ve recently asked Tim, “Why do they say that I look great for having twins?” and we really can’t figure it out. Is it because I’m still up and about. Is it because I don’t look like I have two lumps on my body? Am I still smiling? I don’t know. Can someone enlighten me?


However, there have been a couple of things that have popped up that I don’t love about being pregnant. I will say these just for documentation, but please know that I am not complaining at all. In fact, when I have caught myself whining about any of the following, I have (in the same breath) said that I am so grateful that I’m pregnant, and these “complaints” are all worth it!

Things I Don’t Love about Being Pregnant:

1. Growingly painful contractions

Braxton Hicks contractions used to just be annoying. Lately, they have gotten downright painful and uncomfortable. I don’t like that I can hardly move when they come.

2. Itchy stomach

I’ve had a REALLY itchy stomach as it has grown. Thankfully, I have recently found that Mothers Balm really helps to take that itchiness away. Still, it’s really awkward to be in any public place and just have to scratch and scratch and scratch my tummy. But I’m pregnant. With twins. I don’t care if it’s proper or not. I’ll scratch.

3. Intense nausea/vomiting in first trimester

It was really bad. Really, really, really bad. I don’t think I let myself realize how bad it was, but it was all I could do to get out of bed and go to work. Thank goodness for my great 4th grade helpers in my class that year. They would run and get me popsicles whenever I needed it- and it was often. Fortunately, I was able to get and keep down water, so my doctors weren’t worried about dehydration and a needed hospital stay, but it was really tough to have to go right upstairs to bed after working. I didn’t see my kitchen or living room for many weeks because I couldn’t take the smells there.

4. Difficulty getting off the couch/out of bed/bending down/putting on shoes

Now that I am very round around the middle, it is truly hard to move in twisting motions. You wouldn’t believe how much you use these until you truly can’t anymore. When we were in Target the other day, Tim asked me if I wanted to get a grabber, because I really can’t bend down to pick things up from the ground anymore (and I drop everything). I stubbornly said, “No, I am going to keep trying to get the things that I drop.” I think he secretly wanted me to agree so that he didn’t have to be the one to save me after each, “Oops! I dropped ______!”

5. Dropping my keys daily

Yep, thanks to the stretching and relaxing of joints, I drop my keys or something else every day. If I’m having a really dropsy day, I will drop them, pick them up, drop them, and then drop them again before being able to fully regain control of them. Lucy loves it when I play this “game” with food.

6. Intense, sore back with little to help control the pain

Yeah, the muscle and bone aches are no fun. Tim can massage to alleviate the pain momentarily, but the moment he is done, the pain returns.

7. Not being able to drive my jet ski at the lake

I was quite sad to watch everyone else (including my 5-year-old nephew) drive the jet skis at the lake, while I had to sit on the dock and take pictures. I know it was for a very good reason, but I missed it! I tried to convince Tim that I would go at a time when no one else was on the water, and I would only go in a straight line. He still said no. The sad, puppy dog eyes didn’t work!

8. 6th Sense: Bathroom Sensor

No one told me that being pregnant gave me a sixth sense: bathroom sense. I can locate and find a bathroom in any store or building in moments. If there is a “Private” sign on the door, I can still get access by bouncing a little bit and letting them know that I’m pregnant with twins. People are so nice! On the other hand, I don’t like how often I have to use the bathroom. I think my record was 4 times in 1 hour… when we were running errands to different stores.

9. Not being able to cross my legs

Yeah, my belly prevents me from crossing my legs, although I will try all the time. It doesn’t work. I can’t cross them.

10. My bellybutton

I do not like my bellybutton and how small it has become. I especially don’t like that, when it started to push outward, I realized that I had a tan line around the un-tanned skin. That was weird. Thankfully, it stalled for many weeks, but I have recently noticed that it’s back on the move. I think I will have the Bellybutton Pop very soon.

11. Responding to the question, “When are you due?”

I am asked this all the time, and I still never know how to answer. I usually say, “Sometime between mid-October and mid-December, because it is twins.” I then have to go into the explanation that twins typically come early, so that is why we have the long due date. Of course, now that we are in the middle of October and our doctors don’t think the babies are coming any time soon, I know what to say even less. I’ve lately been taking to say, “If the babies don’t come by December 2 (38 weeks), they will probably induce.”

12. Responding to the question, “Do twins run in your family?”

This is my least favorite question. If you read my post about the different types of twins, you will understand why. Yes, we have had twins in both sides of our families, but they are identical twins. Identical twins don’t “run” in families, but fraternal twins do. Our babies are fraternal twins, because they came from two distinct eggs (and they are boy/girl which means they have to be fraternal). Plus, some people mean to ask “Are your twins a result of fertility treatment?” which thankfully I have not gotten yet. Maybe they think that I’m too young to have to experience this, and that is saving me from the awkwardness of answering this type of question.

13. Feeling uncomfortable around those that aren’t pregnant

I know what it feels like to want to be pregnant and to not be. As happy as I am for myself and our family, I can’t help but also feel so selfish for being as excited as I am. Ladies, behind my big smile and growing belly, I do understand your sadness.

14. Reminding myself not to push myself, although I feel fine

This is hard, because I don’t like to tell myself “No,” but I have definitely had some days where I did too much, and it has caused me to be stuck inside or in bed for days afterwards. You wouldn’t think that a simple day of running errands could be so difficult, but when you have two living beings pulling your blood and oxygen and nutrients and taking up room that your organs used to have, it really does take it out of you. Pregnancy is hard on the body, but even harder on the soul… if you aren’t careful.

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  1. I really enjoyed this (: Thank you. I am 10 weeks along my first pregnancy and am having fraternal twins, too (: We couldn’t be happier!


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