Miracle Mother’s Balm

Late this summer, a dear friend sent me a present. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw it.

The twins got matching adorable sweater onesies, and I got a large pot of Mothers Balm by Neal’s Yard. I had referred to trying it back when I wrote about early pregnancy products, but I ran out of my small tester rather quickly.

Well, my friend Dani sells Neal’s Yard products, just had a baby herself, and knew how amazing this product is, so she sent me my own large tub of it in her care package.

It is, quite literally, a miracle.

I’ve used many different kinds of anti-stretch mark creams and oils over my pregnancy, and they all seem to work on various levels. No, I haven’t developed any stretch marks as of yet (Week 32, measuring at 39 weeks), so we can say they are all a success at this point.

Each of them has their faults, however. Some have a smell (not good when you are opposed to certain scents). Some don’t rub into the skin too well, and just sit as an oily layer on the top (and get into all of your clothing). Some don’t even take away the itch.

Mothers Balm combats all of those problems, however!

For $33.50, you can get a large 4.23oz pot of Mothers Balm. It comes in a large, blue glass tub that is quite sturdy. It is truly fragrance-free, which is terrific when you just can’t take any other scents bombarding your highly-alerted pregnancy nose. You only need a little bit of the stuff, so just one tub will probably last you your whole pregnancy. I have used it 2 times a day, every day, since getting it in August, and I only recently feel like I’ve seen a dent in my supply.

My favorite thing about it, however, is that it seemed to cure my itchy tummy literally overnight. This summer, my stomach had these horrible red marks all over them from my scratching and rubbing constantly. After one application of Mothers Balm, however, I could noticeably tell a difference in the itch. After a couple of days, I realized I wasn’t itching anymore!

I will be using this stuff throughout the rest of my pregnancy, and probably for a good amount of time afterwards, as I work to regain a tighter stomach postpartum. I love that the ingredients are 100% organic, which makes me feel better for when I go to hold my babies after using the balm.

If you are looking to order some, you can go to Dani’s website, or go to the direct link to Mothers Balm on her website.

*This post is not sponsored in any way. In fact, Dani doesn’t even know that I am posting about Mothers Balm. It’s that good!*

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    Miracle Mother’s Balm

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