Hospital Bag for 3 (+Daddy)

Hospital Bag for Mommy, Daddy, and Babies -

*Note: There is an update from after our hospital stay at the bottom of this post.*

So, there are lists galore to say what should go in a hospital bag. But what do you do if you aren’t just packing for yourself and one baby? What if you are packing for 2 little peanuts? Here’s a list that I compiled from some other moms as to what was necessary. I also made some alterations and additions after starting our childbirth class at the hospital.

Hospital Bag for Mommy, Daddy, and Babies -

Labor Bag

*This bag is separate from the hospital bag. It will have the items that we will need specifically for labor.*

1. Entertainment supplies

Don’t forget a charger if you are bringing your computer, e-reader, iPad, and phone! You may be in labor for a while, or you may not need any of these if your labor is quick. You may want some of these for after you give birth as well.

2. Tennis ball or massager

In order to get rubs and mini-massages, we will be bringing a loose tennis ball as well as two tennis balls tied in a sock. We will also have a plastic massager thrown into this bag. Yes, your husband or special labor helper can use their hands, but we have been told that no matter how strong they are, you will want a harder rub during labor. The tennis balls or massagers work wonders. In addition, a cold soda can was recommended, but we can get that once we get there.

3. Chapstick

Dry lips = ick. With all of the “ahee ahoo”s and deep breathing, it will make for chapped lips otherwise.

4. Camera


5. Socks/slippers

Those hospital floors can be gross! You will want something for when you are walking around.

6. Lotion

This is also for massages, but also if you just want it rubbed in. We will be bringing a scent-free lotion.

7. Music

You will want soothing music or white noise sounds. Find something that will really relax you.

8. Focal point

If you don’t have something you want to use, you can use something that is already in the room.

9. Paper fan

The mama-to-be will get warm very quickly, and a paper fan will be helpful to try to cool her off.

10. Mouthwash

Pair this with ice cubes, and it is supposedly wonderful to swish around for helping to get rid of nausea.

11. Proof of insurance

We keep this with us in our wallets, so we will not actually pack this. Our hospital also allows us to pre-register, so that will be nice to have that part done.

12. Items for Partner:

-change for vending machines and snacks pre-packed (just in case she doesn’t let him leave to go to the vending machines)

-toothbrush and toothpaste (if he eats something icky, he will need to brush his teeth to get rid of the smell)

-change of clothes (if he gets wet while helping her in the tub or shower)

-watch with a second hand (to time contractions)

-pencil and paper (to write down contractions)

-address book (to let the family know that the babies are on the way)


Hospital Bag for Mommy, Daddy, and Babies -

 Post-Birth Hospital Bag for Mommy
(and some items for Daddy too)

1. Toiletries

Pack as if you are going on a trip. The hospital may have shampoo, but do you really want to use theirs, or do you want to still keep your same scent? Make sure to include tummy oil/butter as well as Tucks to help for after the birth.

2. Extra soft toilet paper

Giving birth can be difficult, so the extra padding is nice for afterwards.

3. Pajamas and loose, comfortable clothing

For both you and Daddy. If you are breastfeeding, make sure your pjs will allow you easy access. In addition, be aware of where your potential c-section scar may be. You don’t want your pj pants to hit that area. I went ahead and got dark-colored nursing nightgowns, because I am thinking that I will be getting a c-section in the end. I figured I will be using them for many months afterwards, so it was worth going ahead and purchasing them now. I also got a soft robe to go over my pajamas for extra coverage.

4. Going home outfit

I am actually not going to pack this ahead of time. I want to see what the weather is, and I will send my mom or Tim to the house to pick out an outfit. This definitely needs to be a maternity outfit still, as there is no way you will lose all the baby weight by the time you leave the hospital.

5. Nursing bra and supplies

Breast pads, 1-2 bras, breast cream, Twin-Z nursing pillow

6. Snacks and money for vending machines

Who knows how good the food is going to be? Fiber-rich foods will help constipation issues and peppermint can help with “trapped wind.”

7. Old underwear *Optional*

Don’t have anything too cute. I actually plan on using the mesh underwear that is provided by the hospital.

13. Pads *Optional*

The hospital will give you some, but you may want your own. I will be using what the hospital gives us.

14. Makeup and hair supplies

You will have visitors, so be ready in case you want to pretty yourself up.

15. Blanket and pillow

If you are sensitive or particular and want your own pillows and blankets, this might be nice. I have no idea if I will be hot or cold at that point, so I will at least pack a throw to cover me up if I get cold in my room.

16. Eye mask and ear plugs *Optional*

Lots of in-and-out of the room throughout the night. I will not be bringing this.

17. Solid colored clothing

For Mom and Dad for the newborn pictures


For Babies:

1. Clothes for babies

Make sure to get two different sizes, just in case the babies are a different size than you think. The last thing you want is to send someone else to get the perfect outfit for pictures and bringing home baby, and they come back with the wrong outfit.

-footed jammies
-hats and accessories
-“Going Home” outfits
-onesie t-shirts (to avoid the umbilical cord)
-sleep sacs

2. Newborn diapers *Optional*

The hospital will give these to you… but just in case you want your own. We will not be bringing these.

3. Receiving blankets

One for each child. The hospital will have theirs, but you may want your own. Our hospital also told us that we can’t take them home, so we will need at least one blanket for each baby, since it will probably be cold weather when we leave the hospital.

4. Burp cloths

We will only be bringing a couple of these for the ride home, as I plan on using the hospital blankets and towels as much as possible while we are there.

 5. Diaper bag *Optional*

If you want to have your diaper bag packed, you can. We will have ours filled with the baby items for the hospital only.

6. Carseat

The hospital will not let you leave without this. Our hospital doesn’t check it, so we will make sure to go by the fire station to get it checked before leaving. That may be a good job for the grandparents during quiet hours at the hospital.


Hospital Bag for Mommy, Daddy, and Babies -



I originally wrote this post about a month before David and Audrey were born. Since staying at the hospital, I wanted to include the things that we USED at the hospital. After looking at the list above, I was amazed with how much stuff we just didn’t need at the hospital. Here is what we really used.

Labor Bag

  • Entertainment supplies (computer/tablet/phone/book) and chargers
  • Chapstick
  • Camera
  • Socks/slippers
  • Music
  • Battery-powered electric fan and stay-cool towel (Frogg brand)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Glasses, contacts, and contact case
  • For partner: mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, phone tree to notify family, change for vending machine), tennis shoes

Hospital Bag (Mom and Dad)

  • Toiletries
  • Comfortable pajamas
  • Black robe
  • Generic nursing bra
  • Nipple cream
  • Nursing pillow
  • Disposable breast pads
  • Hands-free pumping bra
  • Going home outfit (maternity clothes)
  • Throw blankets for beds
  • Name information (wreath or hanger) for the hospital door
  • For partner: pajamas, underwear, clothes, toiletries, going-home outfit, snacks, money for food

Babies’ Bag

  • Going home outfits
  • Special clothes or blankets for newborn pictures
  • White noise machine or app on phone
  • Car seat
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  1. Love your list dory. The only one the jumped out at me was the baby clothes. I brought all those good things and only used the going home clothes (you’ll need seasonal clothes too) but it was so much easier to stick with (and keep) the hospital tshirts and blankets for swaddling. ESP since I had a c section and ry was doing all the up and down (our hospital doesn’t have a nursery it’s baby and mom/dad in room all the time together)

  2. I may have said this on Facebook (can’t remember who it was), but I slipped a small bath rug into my stuff too. I had learned from a previous hospital stay how icky it is to try to get dried off and dressed while making the bathroom floor all wet at the same time. It also gives you a dry place within reach to put your clothes and towels on to.

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