Nursery DIY Check-In

Back on July 31, we posted our big To Do List for our nursery. Yes, it was long, but we have surprisingly crossed most of the things off of it. Craziness! If you see something in bold, those are our DIY projects. If you see something in italics, those are items that we have added to the list.

Pick the layout

Finalize the budget

Decide on the cribs

Order the cribs

Decide on the glider/ottoman

Order the glider/ottoman

Purchase the changing table

Repaint the changing table

Pick out the changing table knobs

Attach the new knobs to the changing table

Pick out the paint color

Paint the nursery, ceiling, and trim

Replace windows

Paint the nursery closet

Buy Billy bookcase

Assemble Billy bookcase

Purchase ceiling fan

Have electrician: move light switch, install ceiling fan, change outlet to always function

Pick out curtain fabric

Have curtains made

Purchase and assemble window seat for alcove

Purchase oars for curtain rods and attach  Purchase curtain rods and attach

Attach oars as decoration

Attach cleat tie-backs

Remove closet doors (we are not doing this anymore)

Pick out and attach shelves above changing table

Order crib bedding

Sew crib skirts

Have quilts made for cribs

Make family picnic quilt out of grandfather’s shirts

Make mobile creatures

Assemble mobile creatures into finished mobile

Put shells into a shadow box collage (for over Baby Girl’s crib)

Make rope knot shadow box collage (for over Baby Boy’s bed)

Make starfish pillow for window seat

Make seahorse pillow for window seat

Make sea urchin pillow for window seat

Make square pillow in contrasting fabric for glider

Purchase lamp for changing table

Have fingerprint art made for showers and baby visits and get framed

Order art for over cribs

Attach seahorse hangers onto back of door

Purchase and attach shallow bookshelves near glider

Hang up art for over cribs

Buy Scentsy warmer and set up

Get diaper caddy and make liner 

Other needed accessories for nursery: toy bin, changing pad and cover, Ubbi (dirty diaper disposal), diaper caddy

Other DIY items for babies: burp pads, neck tie bib, crib teething guards, car seat blankets, car seat protectors, baby bath apron/towel, canvas growth chart, paint US map chalkboard, socktopus, flamingo, baby sleeping sign

I’m sure there are other things we’ve forgotten, but I would say we are doing pretty well for just having hit our 29 week mark!


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  1. Yes you have! You guys could teach our country about cooperating and working together to get the job done! And our country isn’t even pregnant with twins! Good job, Tim and Dory!!

  2. Grandmom Pat says:

    You are so organized! I need to take a lesson from both of you!

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