DIY Nautical Mobile

One of the best ways to add a whimsical touch to a nursery is to have a fun mobile over the crib of your little one. You can find countless ones at any of the stores, and add all of the Etsy sellers, and that number just about doubles. I love the homemade look of the Etsy mobiles, and I absolutely fell in love with the “Under the Sea” mobiles from Gifts Define.

They can be customized to different colors too! There is also a merman that you can get for your little boy’s nursery. There is just a slight problem: they are $180 each. I simply couldn’t stomach spending $360 for mobiles for Baby Boy and Baby Girl. Now, if I only had one baby, I would have gotten one. I do love supporting amazing talented artists (and I do have it in my budget for a couple of splurges every now and then). Still, I couldn’t splurge on $360 of mobiles.

So, with the support of my friends, I decided to try making them myself. Sure, they wouldn’t be as finished or polished as the originals, but they would be my take on these adorable mobiles. I went to the craft store and bought $7 worth of felt in all sorts of colors. You would actually be surprised at how much felt you can get for $7 (about 20-30 sheets).

DIY Nautical Mobile - Doyle Dispatch

So, with every imaginable color of felt at my fingertips, I started crafting. I made templates of tracers for each of the underwater creatures, and I then figured out which colors I would use. I planned out the creatures for Baby Boy’s mobiles first.

DIY Nautical Mobile - Doyle Dispatch


I then took one item at a time, starting with the starfish. I pinned the two pieces of felt together and cut them out.

DIY Nautical Mobile - Doyle Dispatch

Keeping them pinned together, I then had to figure out which contrasting string I wanted to use. In the original, there were nice, clean seams. I decided to go with the homemade look on my mobile, so I would make it very obvious this was the look I wanted.

DIY Nautical Mobile - Doyle Dispatch


Red it is! I separated the thread and started sewing.

DIY Nautical Mobile - Doyle Dispatch


When I was mostly finished with sewing, I stuffed the starfish with stuffing.

DIY Nautical Mobile - Doyle Dispatch

I finished sewing it!

DIY Nautical Mobile - Doyle Dispatch


I then proceeded on to some of the other creatures. I love the whale!

DIY Nautical Mobile - Doyle Dispatch
Once I finished all of the creatures for the boy’s mobile, I moved on to planning Baby Girl’s mobile.

DIY Nautical Mobile - Doyle Dispatch

After finishing the creatures, I had to make the top of the mobile. I could have bought this online, but at this point, I had spent 3 days (off and on) sewing the creatures, so I wanted to make it a completely DIY mobile.

We got some dowels, and some round spheres to finish the mobile top. Tim whittled some grooves in the dowels so that they would fit together well, and then we kept it together with some wood glue and an eye-hook.

Just a coat of chalk paint (the same we would be using for the dresser), and we were good to go!

The last step was hanging the creatures evenly so it stayed level, and voila! Instead of spending $360, we finished these two mobiles for less than $20! I’d say that was money well saved.

Girl's Nautical Mobile -

Boy's Nautical Mobile -


We got the hangers to go off the sides from Pottery Barn Kids. They fit the crafty style perfectly!


Nautical Mobile -



Nautical Mobile -

DIY Nautical Mobile -



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  1. These are adorable!
    Wish I had your skill with crafts–I would have had lopsided and lumpy little sea monsters! 🙂
    Great job!

  2. Dory….this is sooo cute! Can you just imagine Corky and Lenny just staring up at them as they turn in the breeze?? Or are they Alvin and Marsha?

  3. Grandmom Pat says:

    So cute Dory! Good work!
    Elly, I thought they were Donnie and Marie?

  4. This is seriously. SO. ADORABLE.
    Love it!

  5. Hi,
    Where did you get the template for the sea creatures? My friend is having a baby and they have a nautical theme. Would love to do this for her.

    • Hi Gigi! I actually made them myself. Since I modeled them after something I found on Etsy, I didn’t want to publish the templates I made, as I don’t want to take away from her sales. What I did instead was to just sketch out the simple shapes on the creatures, used them as tracers, and then cut the felt. It actually wasn’t hard… just time consuming. Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!

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