Shopping with the Doyles

Three questions may be answered in this post:

1. What is a shelf?

2. Why are we so cute?

3. Where will we put our treasures?


We had quite the visits to some stores this weekend. Here are some highlight conversations:


Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy shelves:

Dory: Do you have any shelves?

Employee: What?

Dory: The shelves.

Employee: The what?

Tim: Shelves. Where would they be?

Employee: What do you do with them?

Dory: You hang them on walls. And put things on them.

Employee: Are they for shoes?

Tim: They are shelves. You can put anything on them. We’re not looking for shoe racks.

Employee: (brings us to the shoe racks) Is this what you want?

Tim: No, these are for shoes. We want shelves. To hang on a wall.

Employee: What are you going to put on them?

[This is where we should have said something really inappropriate, like “It is where we put our X-rated DVD collection,” but we didn’t.]

Tim: Books or toys…

Employee: I don’t know what that is.

Dory: A shelf?

Employee: Let me get someone who would know.

Dory: No thanks, we’ll keep looking.


Bed, Bath, and Beyond to check out with some snack food:

Cashier: You two are so cute!

Dory: Thanks!

[waits a moment]

Dory: I’m curious, why?

Cashier: You are both wearing almost the same color shirt!

Dory: Our football team played a game today…


Michael’s in the wooden craft section:

Tim: Do we need this?

Dory: A treasure chest?

Tim: Yes!

Dory: No, we don’t need a treasure chest.

Tim: But where will we put our treasures?


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  1. So funny! And yes, you always need a treasure chest.

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