Texts with Dad

If any of you know my dad, you will know a few things:

1. He is an incredibly successful, intelligent real estate lawyer that has done the closings for most of the homes in the central-Virginia area.

2. He would literally give the shirt off of his back to anyone.

3. He is a big jokester- always teasing and picking (but always coming from love).

4. He gets obsessed with some ideas.

5. He does not know much about technology.

6. He likes to collect “spares” of different “provisions.”

His newest collection is of flamingos, but this is a collection that has been going on for years. We started by having 3 of the plastic flamingos in our backyard. Then, he got one that has interchangeable costumes for the different times of the year. Then he added a couple more plastic flamingos to the collection. Then, some stores started having them in the garden section, and they were metal. So he began getting every single metal flamingo that he could find. And he would buy duplicates. Because he never knew when he would need to replace one (By the way, we still have the 15-year-old bleached out flamingos next to the brand new ones. He doesn’t ever get rid of them, even when they are missing feet. They just get hung up on the tree.)

So, it is important to know about #5 and 6 for this. Whenever we see a flamingo, I automatically call him up and tell him about it. He wants it, and I usually get it for him (no matter how large… and we do have a 5 foot flamingo!). Well, here is a text convo that I had with him as Tim and I were leaving Alabama on this past trip:

Flamingo Text with Dad

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  1. Just to let folks know. Tucker managed to get his phone back from me for the line “I am still going”. Then he put it down and I got it. I love our family. We are so nerdy.


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