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So, I am the WORST secret-keeper in the history of the world. I seriously can’t do it. That’s why we had to announce to the world that I was pregnant at 8 weeks. I just couldn’t wait! I blamed it on the fact that I was pregnant with twins and starting to show, but in reality it was because I was just not going to be able to stand it any longer.

Thankfully, Tim knows this about me, and he loves me for (despite?) it.

But, when it comes to naming Baby Girl A and Baby Boy B, that is one secret we aren’t spilling. Here’s why:

1. I want there to be some element of surprise when they are born.

2. Our families are going to love the names we picked out anyway.

3. What if we change our minds at the last minute? Instead of a “Zane,” he is really more a “Gus.” (No, these are not names that are in the running for Baby Boy.)

4. We frankly don’t care what others (family or friends or acquaintances) think of the names. We don’t want to know opinons (“I like that. I don’t like that.”). So we aren’t telling!

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun “naming” them right now. In fact, everyone in our family and circle of friends has called them different things, and we are having a blast hearing them. Here are some of them:

Bikram and Anastasia (Kathleen)

Buster and Avacado (Kevin)

Gunner and Thor (my dad)

Donny and Marie (my mom)

Gertrude and Rufus (Tee)

Ariel and Sebastian (Erica)

Pearl and Crush (Lisa)


As for us, we aren’t even calling them by the names that we have secretly picked out, even when it is just us by ourselves. We don’t want to slip up, so we are just calling them A and B (or Baby Girl and Baby Boy). I do have a fondness for Gertrude and Rufus though!


So, what are some fun options that we can call them? Who knows, if there are good ones, we might even have a poll later for you to vote on your favorites? Leave a comment at the bottom on this post!


UPDATE: Here are some other possibilities from the Comments:

Lucy and Charlie

Charlie and Lola

Corky and Lenny

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  1. Lucy and Charlie!

  2. Kristi Rike says:

    Charlie & Lola
    (That was Jackson’s favorite cartoon when he was little)

  3. And what about Corky and Lenny??!!

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