Meadowbelle Market Necklace Review & Discount Code

**I received the product mentioned below in exchange for this review. All thoughts are 100% my own. I received no other compensation.**

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For years, I have had my eyes on Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti Letter “D” pendant.


But, for the cost of $235 for a sterling silver pendant and $750 for an 18K gold pendant, I just couldn’t justify it. So I would just sit and look at how beautiful it was online every couple of months, but look only.

Then, one day when I realized that it was simply one piece, of metal I thought, “Hm, I wonder if any crafty people out there have MADE something similar.” So, off I went to Etsy. And there I found it: an amazing replica of this pendant in sterling silver, PLUS a chain! And the cost for this replica piece? (Drumroll, please) $29!

I contacted Erin and Aundrea, the owners of Meadowbelle Market, to rave about their necklace, and they were so wonderful in their responses to me! They sent me this beautifully packaged gift within days of my contacting them.

Meadowbelle Market Necklace Review - Doyle Dispatch

How pretty! And it is wrapped in a Tiffany-blue ribbon!


There is this hidden key under the ribbon.

There is this hidden key under the ribbon.


Personalized with the name of their shop under the flap.

Personalized with the name of their shop under the flap.

Meadowbelle Market Necklace Review - Doyle Dispatch

The necklace wrapped up with their beautiful business card.

Meadowbelle Market Necklace Review - Doyle Dispatch

If you can see the detail, each necklace is hand-made for the recipient. They have written the date, name, and order. I love this extra bit of organization in a crafty company!

Isn't it beautiful? Simple and classic!

Isn’t it beautiful? Simple and classic!


Erin and Aundrea are the owners of Meadowbelle Market, and they are known for making handmade accessories and sterling silver jewelry. They are twin sisters (love it!) that live in Kansas City. Here is some information from their Etsy shop:

{MEADOWBELLE MARKET}: what’s in a name?
{MEADOW}: Inspired by our surroundings, we feel lucky to live in the mid-west, filled with the beauty of rolling hills and meadows covered in natural prairie grasses and blooming flowers. A walk outside, or even fresh winter snow is inspiration to us.
{BELLE}: Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than creating a piece to make you feel beautiful! We hope you feel like the ‘belle’ of your wedding, and with our timeless designs, encourage you to find a piece that speaks to you. Our designs evoke a natural beauty, perfect for any occasion and classic enough to make you feel special on any ordinary day.
{MARKET}: It’s not all meadows and rolling hills! We are blessed to have the best of both worlds in our mid-sized mid-west city. We enjoy the variety of shopping at the farmer’s market downtown, hitting locally owned shops, and experiencing the diversity this city has to offer! We hope you find the same cozy and familiar, yet exciting experience with our shop.

My main project is designing and making sterling silver jewelry which has been displayed in a variety of venues, including juried art shows and a gallery in our downtown arts district (find out more about the KC art scene as featured in the Oct. 2008 issue of American Style). 

I am always searching for quality supplies for us to use, and making sure we use recycled packaging whenever possible.

On the more personal side, my passion is empowering small business owners – especially women in South & Central America. I’m an active part of (check it out if you don’t know what it’s about)! I’ve travelled to various countries such as Mexico, Peru and Ecuador where I’ve met some amazing women entrepreneurs.

I love photogrpahy, designing, and creating and I take great attention to detail. Collaborating with Erin on modern wearable designs with a vintage twist makes every day feel like inspiration. I hope you find a little something here to make your upcoming event or your every day a little more special. 

What else do I do? Aside from contributing photography, design, and production for our items, I have photographed seniors, weddings, and advertising for local businesses–I am a huge fan of organization! Yes, organization: I am always looking for ways to improve work flow by utilizing fresh ideas for organizing our business (it’s all in the details!). I like to think this attention to detail carries over into our items, lovingly made just for you!

Our goal is to provide you with well-made, unique, creative, and stylish handmade items you will cherish for years. Wheather for your special event, or to feel special everyday–we take great care in each piece we create. We endeavor to be conscientious, understanding, honest and fair. We delight in creating each item and are devoted to constructing every piece with each customer in mind. Just as there is a story beind us, there is a true miracle behind you.
Thank you for being a present part in sustaining the fulfillment of our dream!

~ Aundrea & Erin {A&E}

{Where in the WORLD has Meadowbelle been?}
Our handmade jewelry and accessories are world travelers! We’re very jealous. Here’s a short list of some places we’ve shipped:

* Australia
* Bahrain
* Belgium / Netherlands
* Brazil
* Canada
* England
* France (Paris)
* Hawaii (sure, it’s technically part of the US, but still so fabulously 
* Ireland
* Israel
* London
* Russia
* Singapore


They have such beautiful pieces in their shop like these (click on the picture to link to each item in their shop):

Two Initial Monogram Heart Necklace $44

Dual Birthstone Ring $49

Stamped Circle Necklace and Swarovski Birthstone $29

Rosegold Initial Necklace $32

Treble Clef Necklace

Sterling Silver Disk Bouquet Charm $18

So, are you in love yet? I know that I am! With these prices, you could still have one of everything, and STILL have it be less than the pricier Tiffany option. I don’t know if I will ever take my necklace off!

If you absolutely love their shop and want to get one of your very own, they have offered the Doyle Dispatch readers a special 10% off of their purchase for the next week, ending on on July 19. All you have to do is enter DOYLEDISPATCH in the notes when checking out. If you purchase something, make sure to leave a comment below!


**I received the product mentioned above in exchange for this review. All thoughts are 100% my own. I received no other compensation.**

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