Advice for First-Time Parents

Advice for First-Time Parents - Doyle Dispatch

Back when we did our Gender Prediction “Game,” we asked our friends and family for advice, if they had any to share. We got a lot of great advice, that I would love to pass along (anonymously, since we didn’t warn them first that their words would be published). 

-Get all your sleep in now!!

-You and Tim show each other love and respect. That is the best thing you can do to be a good parent.

-It’s okay if your house gets messy–you’ll have twins you can blame it on!

-Sleep as much as you can now!  Ha!

-Hang onto your sense of humor for dear life!

-Time will pass wayyyy too fast! Be in the moment with them. Because you will never get that back. <3 you!

-My words of wisdom for when those babies arrive: do what your heart says, not what the book says.

-Put your feet up whenever you get the chance, it helps with ankle swelling. Enjoy being able to tote them around so easily now, it’s a much bigger hassle once they are out. 😉

-Enjoy the little sleep you two are getting now!

-Baby B is probably practicing the Hokie Pokie.  Words of Wisdom: Don’t let them go to UVA!! Haha!!! So excited for you. Can’t wait to add two more Hokies to the tailgate and dress them in Hokie fashion!!!

-Healthy is all that matters. Tim, Dory and the rest of the Tucker’s and Doyle’s will take care of the Happy part!

-Rest while you can, your life as you know it is over hahaha

-Sleep now.  Sleep all you can.

-You’ll probably go insane. That’s normal.

…Hm do you see a trend?

And then, we got some fun comments and well-wishes about the prediction game itself:

-The only old wives tale that was accurate for me was how fast the hair on your legs grows. It grew fast with the boys and very, very slow with the girl!

-Congrats sweets. Can’t wait to see your sweet TWINkies!!!!

-I called it first! I want it in writing and made inyo a plaque to hang on my wall when you find out I was right! LOL!!!

-I can’t wait!!!!

-Baby A is like daddy and Baby B is like mommy! I’m going back and forth about Baby B’s gender. Can’t wait until July 2nd!

-Well, if morning sickness has something to do with it……..must be girls.

-It will probably be even-steven as to how many people choose the correct respnse! Hope you get what YOU and HUBBY want!!

-No matter the gender these babies will be so loved!  They have an awesome Mommy! 😀

-Have a fabulous pregnancy …I wish you & Tim all the luck in the world!!!

-Hi Dory!  As a mom of a 4 year old (girl) and 8 month old (boy) I can tell you it is never a dull moment.  I remember YOU as a baby and I am sure your babies will be as wonderful as you and Tim.  I thought while pregnant with L that for sure she was a boy because she was so active.  Nope, a girl.  J was a give a way because he did not stop kicking (inside and out).  Whatever it is it will be wonderful and you will be blessed and a FANTASTIC mom.  Best of luck!

-I am sure it will be both Girl and Boy…..

-Congratulations and best of luck Dory and Tim! Being a parent is such a blessing!!

-Baby B is obviously a boy as he is proud to display his large member.  Baby A being very discrete and hiding her ass-sets is definitely a girl.

-We love them both!!! Can’t wait to find out!!!

-Whether you can determine the genders or not, I hope you and babies (and Tim and pup) are all healthy and feeling good. So excited to follow your journey into parenthood! Also – multiples are the best. 🙂

-Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3 Praise God for the gift of these sweet babies! Can’t wait to hear, and for your to meet them in several months! I’m praying for the four of you!

So my question is, what advice do YOU have for some first-time parents? Leave a comment! We can’t wait to read your responses!

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  1. It is PERFECTLY fine to tell others to kiss your tail when they offer advice that goes against your wishes. If you are breast feeding and they say “just give them a bottle”, punch them. If you choose to bottle feed and someone gives you guilt for not breast feeding, kick them. And definitely, 100% of the time… Go with your heart over the book or the Internet! 🙂

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