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So, although I have only been in the 2nd trimester for a couple of weeks, I feel like I’ve already used quite a few pregnancy-related products. I’d love to be able to review them for other preggy moms-to-be.



What: Sea-Bands are a knit stretchy wristband that has a little plastic button that sits on the inside of your wrist. It works to apply pressure and then relieve nausea.

Where to Buy: Local and chain drugstores, as well as Target and Walmart

Cost: About $10

Review: We got this years ago when we took our honeymoon cruise, and I pulled them out when the nausea started. They work wonderfully for me, and I sported them quite often starting in the early morning sickness phase and then continuing on through to now. They don’t work with everyone, but I found that they work as long as I’m not wearing them 24/7. I will pick the worst times, and I will wear them selectively. They don’t look all that beautiful, so it was nice to have them under long sleeves in the cooler months. Thankfully, once the weather started getting warmer, I didn’t need them as often during the day. I still wear them at nights when I sleep, because I still get nauseous in the middle of the night. One great thing about them is that they don’t have any side effects, as it is simply a pressure-system, except sometimes they can feel uncomfortable due to the tightness around the wrists.




What: These are the same idea as Sea-Bands, but they are a “fashionable” option for pressurized nausea relief. They still have a plastic button that sits on the inside of your wrist, but they are a rubberized band in different colors and designs. They have holes so you can adjust it to your wrist, and there is a dial to adjust the pressure of the button.

Where to Buy: Babies R Us, online, and possibly at drugstores and other locations

Cost: $15

Review: We first saw these on Shark Tank, and I loved them! I wanted something cute besides the stretchy gray Sea-Bands. Once I tried them, however, I didn’t like these as much as the Sea-Bands. Yes, I liked the different colors, but I could never find a setting that fit my wrists well. In addition, as I was adjusting the pressure setting, the button came apart into a few pieces, and I couldn’t get it back together.




Preggy Pops/Preggy Pop Drops

What: Whether lollipops (Preggy Pops) or lozenges (Preggy Pop Drops), these natural, drug-free items are supposed to help combat nausea. They come in multiple flavors depending on if you are getting drops or pops (sour raspberry, sour apple, sour tangerine, sour lemon, ginger, spearmint, lavender, peppermint).

Where to Buy: Babies R Us

Cost: $4-10, depending on amount and type

Review: When I first started getting morning sickness, I went crazy with these things. I would send Tim to the store probably 2 or 3 times a week to restock. Then one day, they stopped working for me and I lost the craving for them. Plus, the taste of some of the flavors totally grossed me out. I wish that the company would have a pack that only had certain flavors. The lemon got to be too strong for me, and I couldn’t stand the ginger flavor. The sour fruity flavors were wonderful, however, and I enjoy them. I still have some of these, and I am going to hold on to them to pack in my hospital bag, as I hear they are great for when they don’t allow me to eat anything at the hospital when I’m in labor, but I need something besides ice chips.



Boppy Cuddle Pillow

What: A pillow that is made by one of the leaders in pregnancy/nursing pillows, the Boppy Cuddle Pillow helps to support the belly, hips, and legs while the pregnant mommy-to-be sleeps on her side.

Where to Buy: Babies R Us, Amazon, online

Cost: $35-$50

Review: I have always been a stomach and right-side sleeper. I found that just a couple of weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t catch my breath if I slept on my right hand side. In addition, I was so nauseous, that I couldn’t be on my stomach. So, I had no choice but to go to the left-side sleeping position early. I bought this pillow veeeeeery early on in the pregnancy, as I kept rotating over and waking myself up because I couldn’t get a deep breath. I love the way that it really does help me to balance. I tried a regular pillow at first, but it was too bulky and I couldn’t get it the shape that I wanted. The Boppy Cuddle Pillow is perfect for in between my legs and to rest on. I haven’t used it under my stomach yet, but I know that as I grow, it will be so helpful! The pillow is firm, but not too firm. It is also great for those moments when I really do need to rotate over onto my right side slightly (more of at an angle towards the right but on my back mostly). It cuddles my back perfectly. I do use a regular pillow to support my back, but I would much rather have just this one pillow instead of the huge Snoogle or other full-size body pillows. I know the time will come when I need that, but I’m not ready for that yet. The one complaint I have is that the “cover” doesn’t actually remove. So, I will be sewing a cover for it so I can wash just the cover, instead of the entire pillow. Also, buy it from Babies R Us ($35), unless you want to spend up near $50 (I know I don’t, but it is worth every penny for the 1st-2nd trimester mommy).



 Tummy Oil

What: A pregnancy-safe oil to help prevent stretch marks on your tummy (and all other body parts) by helping your skin increase its elasticity.

Where to Buy: Amazon, maternity stores, some other drug stores

Cost: $35 for 4.1 fl oz

Review: Time will tell if this stuff works, but so far, I don’t have any stretch marks. With twins, I know that I will get a few, but hopefully this will help keep them at bay. During the worst weeks of my first trimester, I was totally unable to use this, due to the smell. It’s not a heavy smell, but very light. Still, when my nausea was worse at night, I wasn’t going to do anything to make it worse by adding smells. I’m back to using it each night (and sometimes in the morning as well). I don’t love the greasy feeling, but once I get dressed, I forget about that.


Special Note on Anti-Stretch Oils/Cream:

During my worst nausea, I used a sample that I had of NYR Organic’s Mothers Balm. It was incredible! No smell, more of a thick balm, and I loved using it! I still have some left over, and I can’t wait to purchase some of this! You can look at it here: (and please purchase it from Danielle Doughty at her site here)


*All of these products have been purchased by me and reviewed honestly. No companies solicited a review.*

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