Lucy’s New Haircut

Ok, a pause from all of the pregnancy and baby talk. Now we have to talk about our first Baby Girl… Lucy!

Being a Toller, we have to keep her pretty well-groomed due to an excess of hairs (which lead to matting, waaaaay long hair, and crimped 80s-era ears). Well, with a rather busy winter and spring, we hadn’t kept up with the hair grooming like we should have. It is really hard to control her when I’m trying to protect her from jumping on me and my belly. Tim has been doing so many other chores around the house (because I couldn’t) that this was one extra thing I wasn’t going to ask him to do. So, now that it is summer break, I have time to take care of Lucy’s grooming needs.

I took her to a chain store grooming center. We had 3 things we needed them to do:
1. Cut and file her nails (they do this often for her, so we knew they would do a good job).
2. Trim the hair around her paws (top and underneath near the pads).
3. Trim the ears down to look like a Brittany Spaniel.
4. Cut out some matting that had developed under her ears.

Here are Brittany Spaniels, to show how we wanted the ears to look when finished.

So, my pregnant belly and I take Lulu to the salon for a morning of “pampering.” They tell me: “Sure! No problem! Stick around the store, and we will page you in about 10 minutes.”

I ran out to the car to grab some apple slices (this helped to neutralize the strong pet smell of the store), bought Lucy a little treat, and then went back to check on her. I noticed that… well… the ears were a little less than stellar. I could see the shape of the ears, but then it looked like the groomer had taken the scissors and just cut a second line.


They looked crazy weird. So, being the diplomatic puppy parent, I kindly asked if she could even out the ears at all. We wanted them to follow the entire line of the ears, and the rest of the hair should be thinned out. Normally, we trim her ear hair ourselves, so I know how to do it. I asked if she could use the thinning shears to get rid of the crimping and cut it shorter. By using the thinning shears, you won’t have severe lines.

Her response: “No, I’m not going to do that. It would cause a really sharp line, and she might jerk around which would cause a bald spot.”

I could tell she wasn’t going to budge, especially since she told me, the customer, a flat out “No!”

My response: “Ok, I’ll just fix it when I get home.”

I got the bill and took Lucy as she was still trying to explain to me why she couldn’t fix her awful trim job. I’m sorry, but Lucy’s ears did not look anything like a Brittany’s ears. I just repeated that I would fix it when I got home.

So, I got home and took Lucy to the back porch with our supplies. I then inspected her ears closer. The “trimming” was awful, and then I saw what she did about the mats behind the ears. By the way, remember that she didn’t want to trim Lucy’s ears because she didn’t want to create a bald spot…


Yes, she shaved the mats out of the under-ears. I was shocked to see this, especially because she never said anything about this to me when I picked Lucy up. An “Oh, I just wanted to let you know that we couldn’t cut the mats out, so we had to shave them,” would have been fine. I just would have liked a little warning. Is that too much for a hormonal preggy lady to ask for?

So, I took a breath, gave Lucy a treat to keep her busy, and I got to work on her ears. Although they aren’t perfect, they are certainly better, and Lucy loves her new cropped ‘do for a hot Virginia summer.




And look at how sweet our Baby Girl is! She was so tired after her day of “pampering!”


By the way, if you are a Toller parent, take a look at this great PDF about how to care for your pup’s grooming needs. I really should have printed this out to bring to the groomer:

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